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Fun Freetime: NYE At-Home Tips from The Bash

There’s a lot of pressure to go all out on New Year’s Eve and to go out on New Year's Eve.  But why bother when you can throw a glam party at home....or even better, you can throw a laid back bash at home?!  The Bash (formerly GigMasters) is here to help celebrate all of life’s special moments, no matter how big or small.  As an inspirational and actionable event marketplace, The Bash provides party planning expertise and advice with the ability to book trusted event vendors within the site. 

For a New Year's Eve bash, we think it could be fun to throw a casual party at home with a splash of glam in the food and drinks you serve.
Who said staying in has to be boring? These tips and tricks from The Bash will make the evening extra special and memorable without the stress of planning a night out:
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  • Go all out with decor - To make your New Year’s Eve celebration one for the books, you’ll need to give your house an instagram ready makeover. Set the ambiance and create the right atmosphere for your party with dazzling decorations. Decorate your home with silver and gold balloons, streamers and ribbon. Decorate the dinner table or food spread with a gold tablecloth, scattered confetti and a bouquet of white flowers. For a special touch, fasten paper stars and a disco ball to the ceiling.
  • And don’t forget the props - Once the clock strikes midnight, you’ll want to make some noise for the new year. Bring all the fun and festive vibes to your party by celebrating with memorable props.
  • Sprinkle in fun party activities - While everyone is waiting for the ball to drop, you’ll need some party activities to pass the time. Have everyone jot down their New Year’s resolutions. Create a resolution making station with permanent markers and index cards. If you’d rather keep everyone’s intentions private, set up a glass jar to collect the promises. For a public display, have everyone hang their goals on a wishing wall.
  • Fun games are also a must - If your New Year’s Eve event is for the 21+ club, play a drinking game. Pass out cards with likely events that could have happened over the past year, such as “posted a selfie on Instagram,” and if it applies to anyone, that person has to drink up. If the party is geared toward families and kids, set up a scavenger hunt. Pass out a sheet of paper with a list of items to find, and have everyone take a photo with their smartphones once they’ve spotted the item. If your guests don’t know one another, get the conversation started with a card game. Ask everyone questions like “the best movie of the year” or “the most embarrassing moment from 2019,” and the group will get to know each other very quickly.
  • Create a feel-good playlist - Blasting some great tunes will get the party started and will set the mood for your event. Put on some smooth jazz if you’re planning a low-key party or hosting a small get-together with friends. For a larger crowd, compile a list of the top hits from the past year. If you don’t feel like playing DJ all night, hire one!
Now for food and drinks!
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First, here are some appetizers you’ll want to serve at your party to kick off 2020:
1. Sweet Potato Rounds with Herbed Ricotta and Walnuts - Looking for a healthier alternative to the classic chip and dip spread? These appetizers are not only packed with vitamins and nutrients, but they’ll also create an elegant and impressive display. Chop and roast the sweet potatoes, slather the rounds with creamy ricotta, sprinkle on crushed walnuts for a satisfying crunch and top with dried cranberries to satisfy any sweet tooth. 
2. Greek Salad Skewers - If you aren’t travelling for New Year’s Eve this year, nibbling on these Greek salad skewers will taste like you’ve been transported to the sunny coast of a Greek island. A Greek salad on a stick is a much more appetizing way to eat your greens. Plus, you won’t be needing a big salad bowl, forks or plates, so the minimal utensils means an easier cleanup. 
3. Cauliflower Buffalo Bites - With all of the special diets, allergies and dietary restrictions out there, hosting a party can certainly be a challenge. With this dairy-free, gluten-free and paleo appetizer, you’ll take care of almost every food accommodation. And by serving roasted cauliflower instead of greasy wings, you won’t have to get your hands and face all dirty (which certainly won’t match with your New Year’s Eve outfit).
4. Buffalo Chicken Dip - This healthier take on buffalo chicken dip is packed with rich, creamy and spicy flavors. To make the appetizer gluten-free and nutrient-dense, serve the dip with carrot and celery sticks. 
5. Garlic Herb Vegan Almond Cheese Spread - Wondering how you can make an appetizer that vegans/vegetarians and meat-lovers will love? This creamy cheese dip uses almonds instead of cow’s milk, which makes it plant-based. To really pack on the punch, season the dip with fresh herbs and spices. This appetizer is super versatile because you can spread the “cheese” on crackers, bread or vegetables. 

With all of these delicious appetizers to choose from, you’ll definitely need something to wash down the snacks. Take a look at these four fantastic cocktail ideas:
1. Raspberry Pomegranate Champagne Cocktails
Yes, this cocktail is full of nutritious raspberries and pomegranates, but serving this sweet beverage will seem like you’re starting off the evening with dessert (plus a kick). The bright color makes this drink a gorgeous party decoration, and the smooth and thick texture will satisfy everyone’s palate. Serve with fun straws, and garnish with pomegranate seeds to top it off. 

2. Gingerbread Winter Warmup
Champagne is often the go-to drink on New Year’s Eve, but try celebrating a fresh start by switching it up with a whiskey-based cocktail. This beverage tastes like a gingerbread cookie, so you’ll get to savor the holidays a little longer. Enjoy the chocolate and cinnamon taste by the fire with all of your besties for the perfect evening. 

3. Cranberry Orange Prosecco
If you’d rather stick with tradition and pop open a bottle of champagne, try this celebratory drink. This cocktail is full of seasonal cranberries and oranges, which will naturally sweeten the bubbly beverage. Decorate with orange peels and fresh cranberries for a beautiful finishing touch. 

4. Blackberry Thyme Sparkler
Passing out glasses of this fizzy and fun cocktail will surely make a statement at your New Year’s Eve extravaganza. Combine real blackberries and thyme with champagne for a chic and classy beverage that will impress all of your guests.   

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