Monday, January 20, 2020

Amazing Apps: WINFertility

- WINFertility (WIN), the nation’s leading fertility benefits management company, has launched an enhanced digital user experience with robust new features to its newly designed mobile app.  WIN’s new mobile app provides a more intuitive patient experience and a successful pathway to pregnancy and lower costs. The new app, which further delivers on WIN’s Family-First approach, features virtual nurse consultations with WIN’s world-class clinical care management team, a personalized benefits center, robust fertility education content and enhanced digital fertility tracking tools to reduce stress and simplify the patient experience.

WINFertility is known for its experienced nurse care managers who accompany patients and their partners on their fertility journey. By assessing each patient’s needs, WIN’s nurse care management team eliminates unnecessary treatments and expenditures, which ultimately lowers costs and helps alleviate the stress and anxieties that surround the infertility journey. The enhanced app gives patients the same expertise in a real-time, virtual setting.

The enhanced mobile app features also include:

Video Nurse Consultations
Patients now have the ability to connect with WINFertility’s world-class fertility nurse care managers through video chat directly from their mobile device. Connecting face-to-face with a fertility nurse promotes trust and education, leading to better outcomes.

Mobile Appointment Scheduling
WIN’s new virtual interface allows patients to schedule appointments for both video and phone consultations from their mobile device, saving valuable time for patients on the go.

Personalized Mobile Benefits Center
Employees utilizing select WIN benefit programs, through their Employer, can now unlock access to a range of new mobile features from tracking claims through a mobile accumulator tool, to personalized patient ID cards, to enhanced ‘find-a-doctor’ search tools, complete with Google Maps integration. WIN’s mobile experience makes understanding your family-building benefits simple.

Deep and Rich Family-Building Content
WIN’s mobile users can now educate themselves on many different fertility and family-building topics by browsing through its rich, easy-to-find family-building content. From the basics of fertility in the Fertility 101 library, to more specific topics like male factor infertility.

Enhanced Fertility Tracking Tools & Calendar
Delivered through a modern user interface, WIN patients can track their fertility and ovulation to optimize their chances of getting pregnant. WIN’s mobile fertility tracking tool includes features to take notes and set alerts and reminders. In addition, the tool gives patients the ability to share their personalized cycle tracking calendar with a partner or doctor.

For more than 20 years, WIN has been a trusted leader in managing family-building benefits. The company is continuously enhancing its technology-enabled clinical care management and remains committed to its innovative approach to family-building benefit solutions that improve patient access to the best doctors, technology and emotional support.

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About WINFertility
WINFertility is the nation’s leading family-building and fertility benefit management company, providing comprehensive solutions for employers, health plans and consumers.   From fertility management, including medical treatment, pharmacy and genetics to surrogacy and adoption, WINFertility has helped more than 100,000 families by providing access to the best doctors, technology, and support. WIN works with the nation’s leading reproductive endocrinologists and integrates with national and regional insurance carriers, as well as the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers, to deliver the most advanced and effective fertility treatments and family-building solutions.  WIN Nurse Care Managers navigate patients through the often-complex process, providing clinical oversight, emotional support, advocacy, and education throughout the journey. Patients and clients that utilize WIN’s program see higher pregnancy rates, fewer multiple gestations, more efficient Rx utilization, and lower costs. WINFertility is a privately held company located in Greenwich, CT.

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