Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Area Attractions: CTC Presents Bob Marley's Three Little Birds

Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) is proud to announce the Minnesota premiere of Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds running January 19 through March 1, 2020. This exuberant musical is based on a story by Cedella Marley (Bob Marley’s daughter) with music and lyrics by Bob Marley, and adapted for the stage by Michael J. Bobbitt. The production is directed by Shá Cage, music direction by Sanford Moore, and choreography by Alanna Morris-Van Tassel. The cast includes Ellis M. Dossavi (Ziggy), KateMarie Andrews (Nansi), Kory LaQuess Pullam (Duppy), Lynnea Monique Doublette (Cedella), Nathan Barlow (Dr. Bird), and Timotha Lanae (Tacoomah).

Director Shá Cage states, “Bob Marley is a legend and his music has set forth a universal vibration of peace and harmony around the GLOBE. I am thankful for his daughter Cedella whose book Michael Bobbitt adapted the story from; which allows us to experience the richness of the music and culture alongside the growing confidence of young Ziggy.”

Winter’s chill has arrived, so come in from the cold and have your heart be warmed! In the tropical paradise of Jamaica, reggae music floats through the warm breeze, birds sing, and Ziggy’s afraid to leave the house. He’s too worried about hurricanes, evil spirits, and a sneaky, freaky, hair-grabbing trickster Duppy! But, with the help of some feathered friends and a clever bestie, Ziggy learns that “every little thing is gonna be alright.” A musical that jams Jamaican style, it’s a timeless tale of peace, love, and the music of Bob Marley, man.

I had a chance to interview the director to learn more.

What excited you most about the opportunity to work with this show?
I'm inspired by the message of bravery and finding resilence through trauma. I get especially excited at the idea of young kids coming to witness one of their own as the protagonist on a journey filled with trepidation, ancestral teachings, discovery and laughter. The designers, cast, and production team are leaning in - in a way that makes me feel so super supported.

What makes this a great show for the middle of winter?
Bob Marley's music in the middle of winter is incredibly restorative. I can't explain how often I've waken up humming “Is this Love” and “Three Little Birds.” There is a grounding effect the music has as one is looking outside at all the snow and ice. A reminder that the sun is coming!

What might surprise people to know about what it's like to be a director?
Glen Stubbe Photography
Well my 8 year old son Jalen Zaye is curious about the role of a director and often asks questions such as, "If you're the director, why do you have to spend so much time doing homework.?” It’s funny because I think his notion of directors is that they are the boss of things; when in truth I spend most of my time 'listening.' Both in the room and when I'm alone with the script at home. Listening to the the message beneath the story, the learnings between the lines. The thoughts and ideas from the various designers and cast members. But perhaps the biggest surprise to some may be how many times directors read the script. For me, it's close to 50 times. In the beginning it's combing through details, design elements, character arcs. Then, it's plotting out staging and following the drama and resolutions. Toward the end, I slow to reading it once or twice a day so I can be there for my cast ...knowing the text and upcoming moments effortlessly helps me/us make decisions on what we actually want to see on on stage as it supports the storytelling.

Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds runs January 19 through March 1 on the UnitedHealth Group Stage and is recommended for everyone ages 5 and up. Ticket prices range from $15 through $66 (subject to change) with ACT Pass tickets for $5. For more information, visit us online at or call the ticket office at 612.874.0400. This production is proudly supported by Delta Airlines, Topsy Simonson, Piper Jaffray, and Thomson Reuters.

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