Friday, January 3, 2020

Book Nook: The Tale of Patrick Peyton

Graphic novels are often the realm of super heroes: Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Father Peyton. Yes, the American Catholic priest being considered for sainthood by the Vatican is now the subject of a graphic novel, published by Family Rosary in conjunction with Voyage Comics & Publishing.
Entitled “The Tale of Patrick Peyton,” the book for both young and adult readers follows his life as a poor child in Ireland to becoming one of the most influential priests in the United States in the 20th century. Like a super hero, Venerable Patrick Peyton used his powers for good to encourage the spiritual well-being of families through daily prayer together, especially the Rosary, earning him the nickname “The Rosary Priest.”
“The Tale of Patrick Peyton” was created for Family Rosary by Voyage Comics, which seeks to inspire young and old with quality Catholic comics and stories that invite readers to discover truth, beauty and goodness. The graphic novel was developed by Phil Kosloski, Jim Fern and Michael LaVoy.
Why did you decide to write this book?
            We are always looking for unique and innovative ways to enrich the spiritual life of young families.  We know graphic novels are very popular and we thought why not!  Father Peyton had a heroic life and his story will definitely inspire others.

Why is it important for kids to have graphic novels that showcase real-life heroes?
            We want kids to know they can learn from others that led challenging lives live Father Peyton’s and how through prayer and perseverance, he did amazing things … miraculous things!  If we listen to God through daily prayer, particularly praying together as a family, it is astonishing what can happen in our lives.  Also, while many sports figures may be great role models, how much more can we learn if we are following holy people.  With God all things are possible!

How can books like this help inspire people today?
            Life is so challenging!  We don’t want people to lose hope.  All our efforts are to strengthen young people and their families and we try to reach people in unexpected and meaningful ways to draw them closer to God.  This “comic book” is one way, we have fun videos ( and a new museum with interactive displays (, apps and more to enhance the spirituality of families all to support our founder’s vision:  “The family that prays together stays together.” Venerable Patrick Peyton

The graphic novel can be purchased at and Cost is $9.99 for a softcover book and $4.99 for a digital copy. 
Holy Cross Family Ministries is a family of Catholic ministries that inspires, promotes and fosters the prayer life and spiritual well-being of families throughout the world. It continues the mission of Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., who believed one of God’s greatest blessings is the family and the best way to support the family is through prayer – particularly daily Rosary prayer. He saw the family as the foundation of society. When nurtured with a deep and healthy mutual love, the family strengthens the family of the church and the entire family of humanity.
Holy Cross Family Ministries continues the ministry of Father Peyton. Families are served today through Family Rosary, Family Theater Productions, Catholic Mom, the Museum of Family Prayer and the Father Peyton Family Institutes. Each ministry’s unique charism provides impactful resources that strengthen families.
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