Monday, January 6, 2020

Thrifty Thinking: National Use Your Gift Card Day™

If you’re like most people… you probably have unused gift cards lying around that have been forgotten in wallets, purses or desk drawers.
According to the National Retail Federation, consumers plan to purchase three or four gift cards on average at an average $47 per card for a total of $27.5 billion this holiday season. It’s no surprise that $1 billion in gift cards go unused each year in America (according to CEB TowerGroup).

It’s a problem with a new solution.

For the first time ever, gift cards are getting their own “remember to use” day on the national calendar. National Use Your Gift Card Day™ will take place the third Saturday in January every year (January 18, 2020) following the holidays when gift cards are on the top of the wish list.

Don’t let unused gift cards go to waste—that’s like throwing free money away. Here are 5 tips to help you remember to use your gift card:

1. Make a use-by date in your calendar.
2. Store it in the back pocket on your cell phone or in the lanyard/case where you keep your work ID so you have it front and center as a reminder.
3. If you've just found a forgotten card, go online and use it right away!
4. Use a clip to display it prominently on your fridge.
5. Put it in your spare change/key dish so you see it regularly.

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