Thursday, January 9, 2020

Website Spotlight:

If you have a unique name, or a different spelling of a common name, you know how hard it is to find jewelry with your name on it - or other items, too. I know when we were traveling my brothers and I - none of which have unusual names, but just less common or spelled a little differently - could rarely find our names when we would see displays of keychains or necklaces or bracelets. I recently found out about a site that has necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms, and even monogrammed rings.

The site has a lot to offer - 99 day returns, free shipping, free urgent shipping for orders over $150, and right now, a sale with up to 40% off. That makes it a good time to buy.

One of the cutest variations I've seen on birthstone jewelry is this birthstone ring with tiny feet. See the Full image link → for a beautiful picture of this ring which would be great for anyone who wants a sentimental keepsake with the birthstones of special family members in their lives.

Platinum is kind of a newer metal for jewelry. When I was younger it wasn't even an option, but now I know quite a few people who have gotten this look for wedding rings. If you like alternative metals to gold, the site also has many jewelry pieces with this option. There's a great design that combines several symbols - platinum, a key to a heart, and birthstones - and you can shop this look here.

Want to check out the site but you aren't sure what to get? Think about shopping by recipient - the site has suggestions for different family members, for couples, for men or women, and even for pet lovers! You can even get jewelry based on baseball, fingerprints, or roman numerals - they likely have something for nearly every taste.

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