Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Website Spotlight: Shaboo

More than a series of fun products and services, Shaboo is also a social movement, explains founder Veronica Vargas. She calls people who practice Shaboo in the world “Good Messengers.” A Shaboo Good Messenger is:
  • Someone who encourages and inspires others through their own radiating joy for life.
  • A Pied Piper into the “Happy Place.”
  • A believer that the world is a benevolent place.
  • Someone who promotes the power of One.
  • Someone who values their own experience and individuality.
  • A teacher and student.
“We hold space for good messages on social media and elsewhere,” says Veronica. “We are resisting all the negativity that’s prominent in the world today to uphold all that is still good. We use the power of positive messages and images, combined with ground-breaking products, to support the well-being of others and the power of storytelling to connect people with deep positive truths that may be forgotten by the current mainstream. We believe in the power of play to reveal one’s true self and release dormant creativity.”
  • Shaboo includes a virtual program designed to gently teach leaders to have an honest online and video presence.
  • Shaboo distributes “Good Message” videos every Monday morning, uplifting viewers with sprightly topics and entertaining visuals to set a positive tone to their week ahead.
  • Shaboo is a pioneer in the future of greeting cards. Their physical cards lead the industry in the use of augmented reality bonus experiences and storytelling to boost emotional connections.
  • Shaboo just launched Light the Magic Lamps, a ground-breaking product that combines innovative augmented reality technology with a tabletop lamp to open inviting animated worlds that tickle hearts and electrify the home space.
Veronica Vargas was a creative and whimsical child, but after decades of conformity she found herself struggling with dissatisfaction and a deep longing for fulfillment. In her forties, she returned to her childhood passions – drawing, writing, and playing – and established Shaboo Prints, a boutique lifestyle brand designing positive, feel-good products. Today, Veronica uses “imaginovation” to innovate feel-good products that expand the boundaries of possibility. She considers herself a social expressionist and entrepreneur on a mission to return millions of adults back to a wondrous world full of potential, play, and a knowing that expressing their real self is the whole point — i.e., finding their happy place!

An expert on play, imagination, and creativity, Veronica partnered with software company iGreet in 2019 to open windows into imaginative worlds and expand the experience of Shaboo’s physical products with augmented reality.

Veronica received her bachelor’s degree from California State University – Fullerton and her master’s degree from Woodbury University. A breast cancer survivor, she loves reading, people-watching, being with family, traveling, connecting with friends, health, cooking and baking, creative writing, and doodling. Leading by example, Veronica is living a fulfilled life and sharing her mission-driven business in hopes of inspiring others to tap into their own happy place where they are free to live big and play hard. She resides in Pasadena, CA. Visit

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