Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Amazing Apps: DocClocker

A new app called DocClocker- created by practicing medical physicians and funded entirely by physicians - has unveiled a way for patients to prevent exposure to potential coronavirus carriers in medical waiting rooms.

DocClocker®, a pioneering app that enables medical facilities for the first time to provide patients with real-time wait time reporting, is preventing the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) nationwide by enabling patients to avoid long waits in medical waiting rooms – limiting exposure risks.
Many healthcare clinics' and hospitals' waiting rooms have been crowded in recent weeks, thanks to the rapid global outbreak of coronavirus. With the DocClocker app, which was created and funded entirely by practicing medical physicians, medical providers can support their patients by providing real-time wait times; preventing the spread of the highly contagious virus by limiting the exposure of sick patients in waiting rooms.
“It is important that people are not sitting in sick waiting rooms during the coronavirus outbreak when there are delays in the office. DocClocker providers value their patients' time and are engaged in technology efficiencies that mitigate long wait times," said Dr. Eric Carter, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of DocClocker.
DocClocker is on a mission to create transparency in the waiting room and enhance communication between medical providers and their patients. The DocClocker app easily allows for medical providers to deliver patients with waiting room wait times to increase patient satisfaction and positive reviews – allowing patients to stop for coffee on their way to an appointment or finish a work project, in case the office is running behind.
In addition, providers who use DocClocker receive an increase in new patient bookings, as they can be located and selected on the app by prospective, in-network patients. The app can also reduce front desk stress by allowing patients to manage appointments through the app and receive appointment reminders.
“As governments and communities around the globe are doing everything in their power to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is our obligation as medical providers to do the same for the safety of our patients. By providing real-time wait times to your patients with DocClocker, you are demonstrating your commitment and true care for their wellbeing,” said Dr. Kevin Makati, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of DocClocker.

About Doc Clocker:
Developed by Fast Pathway Inc, DocClocker brings transparency to the doctor’s waiting room using modern technology to streamline communication between doctors, patients, and their families. For more information about DocClocker, please visit the app’s website at: https://docclocker.com/
About Fast Pathway, Inc:
Fast Pathway Inc is the developer and operator of the DocClocker® platform and maintains the cloud-based technology for subscribers and users.

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