Friday, April 17, 2020

Book Nook: New Toddler Picture Books

I recently had the chance to review several new picture books for kids.

It's bedtime in the nook of Cherry Hill, but Chester Chipmunk just can't sleep! He's had too much fun playing today, and he isn't ready to stop now. So Mama Chipmunk tells him a whimsical tale of all the journeys he can go on in his dreams. This book will help the littles ones who are feeling restless get excited to take a nap or go to bed so they can discover all the many adventures that await in his dreams!
I loved how this book helped gently encourage sleep, in a way that can capture the imagination and playfulness. The mother's gentle reminders that there are even more fantastical adventures that can be had in dreams is a great way to encourage kids with active imaginations to relax and quiet down.

This vibrant and vulnerable picture book follows the love story of gorilla Lani and monkey Kanoa and their journey to becoming parents. But after their twins Lili and Koi are born, they begin arguing and missing the lives they had when they were on their own. They make the difficult decision to separate, but are determined to show their children that they still appreciate one another, as Kanoa swings down and brings the mother of his child flowers every Tuesday. As this story hits home for many children and parents, Richards hope it serves as a reminder that it’s important to maintain a healthy relationship while co-parenting.
This was an interesting book with an intriguing concept. I liked how the story reinforces that parents can still love kids even if they can't stay married - and it portrayed a relationship between parents who, although their love grew apart, still were committed to loving their kids.

Brown’s persona, Mr. B, partners up with his good friend Mr. Helicopter to fly the skies of Arizona, where they take in the breathtaking views of mountain tops, yellow deserts, and gorgeous wildflowers. Through these colorful and vivid illustrations by acclaimed artist Nancy Troupe, children experience the beauty of the world from a new and exciting view. Using experience and examples of his own travels around the world as an aerial photographer, Mr. B hopes to encourage young readers to appreciate adventures big and small.
This was a very different book about flight, one that's fun for kids who imagine things like vehicles and planes as living. It showed a variety of different situations for the helicopter and photographer duo, and is a fun book about the possible views in flight.

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