Friday, April 17, 2020

Music Minute: Lindsay Munroe - I am Kind

"I Am Kind" is the title song from an upcoming album on Raffi’s label, Troubadour Music – I Am Kind: Songs for Unique Kids. Imbued with joy and a deep respect for children, these 16 songs offer encouragement with sparkling simplicity. Raffi’s voice adds to the charm of this all-ages inclusive album, which will be released on digital platforms on April 24th via Craft Recordings in the US.  This is the first Troubadour album featuring an artist other than Raffi in decades.

I Am Kind is a collection of positive, endearing songs that kids, parents and teachers will love. I’m delighted to join Lindsay on this unique album.”  —Raffi
Munroe is a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion, whose singalong sessions delight youngsters at libraries and preschools near her home in Massachusetts. Raffi noticed her “Sing Along with Lindsay” channel on YouTube, and the two connected at a recent concert.  A self-taught multi-instrumentalist and mother of three children with autism, she found inspiration in the Raffi Foundation’s online course in Child Honouring. Her songs reflect the Child Honouring principles of Respectful Love, Diversity, Caring Community, Emotional Intelligence, and Nonviolence.
“Kindness Counts” is this year’s theme for Autism Awareness Month, and at a time when warm-heartedness is needed more than ever, I Am Kind strikes just the right notes. “I am happy to contribute something to the world during these trying times,” says Munroe. “I hope that all families, especially those with neurodiverse kids, can feel inspired and uplifted by these songs.”

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