Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Soul Sustenance: Tips from Ms. Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

Home sweet home? For some parents nowadays not so much. Due to the coronavirus pandemic many parents are now stuck working from home and playing teacher to their cooped-up kids. Also, the anxiety of living in such uncertain times is an added stress as well. I had a chance to interview Ms. Yogmata Keiko Aikawa, “The Mother of Yoga,” who promotes peace across the globe through the practice of yoga and meditation. She shares some tips for parents.

What are some differences between the first few weeks of staying at home, and what might happen down the road?
If Corona virus is hiding in you and your family, the result will come out in two weeks. Corona symptoms will appear in your family members. You will not spread the Corona virus if you don’t go out. You will not become a Corona virus carrier.
If you haven’t taken Corona viruses into yourself and if you stay home, Corona viruses are not latent in you and your family members. So there will be no problem. 
If you have a selfish mind for the few weeks and if you interfere with each other, you will get tired and feel ill. You will value this period of time. You take the time you are given for learning. It depends on how you will use it effectively.
You concentrate on working at home.
You should do the same as if you were at the office.
You may take a break and relax.
You should keep good ventilation. You also take a walk. You cook and keep healthy eating habits. You behave in a moral way. You respect your family even they are your own family members. Each member of the family is responsible for their roles. The leader of the family will give instructions to support them. You will follow the leader or parents, then everyone of your family will enjoy the family life.

Why is it important for parents to still be aware of physical and mental health for themselves and their kids?
Parents observe the situation of their children and themselves who are staying long hours at home. It is important to observe to see if the environment is not causing stress to every member of the family.
It is also important to observe the mental and physical conditions of your children and yourself.
It is important to notice abnormal changes of yourselves and your children at an early stage.
Observe your own physical condition. It is always good to ask your children how they are feeling. Children should report their condition to their parents.
Also, observe your children if there is any apparent change on them.
Do your children and your family have a fever? Do they have a sore throat, do they breathe easily?
Do they feel sluggish or active? Are they coughing? What are the conditions of their noses?
It is important to pay attention if their senses of tasting and hearing are in normal condition.
Ask them in the morning, afternoon and evening how they are feeling and check their conditions each time.
But parents shouldn’t be too much nervous.
See to it that your family will have a pleasant time.
Parents talk to their children with love.
Be kind to each other with love.
Exercise together in the family. Do some exercise. If you have a garden, you and your family will practice fast jogging. The whole family will perform full-body workout to improve blood circulation. Make your home a healing place.

What are some ways that yoga and meditation can help families?
Pray with your family. Prayer grows to meditation.
Invisible beings created this universe. The same power is also deep within you.
It is called God. Pray to God with your family.
It will become meditation. To pray is to meditate.
(Please give us the power to get through this difficult situation).
(May our mind be stronger).
(May our bodies be stronger).
(Give us strength so that we won't lose to Corona virus. Bless us. Watch over us.)
(Give us the power for achieving world peace.)
After the prayer everyone will keep silent for a while.
When you start a meditation, it is better to sit without thinking.
Awareness of God leads to out of mind. (If you focus on the God, you will be able to detach the mind.)
Believe in God and believe in yourself.
You think that you are fine.
Then the power of God works.
Every one of you will try not to think negatively.
You will thank God for this given time.
You will thank for all the time and things given for your growth.
It is good to believe in such invisible power.
The thoughts of human hesitation fiddle with your mind. It is a suffering.
If you are confused with your thought, you will bring in a lot of stress.
Eliminate thoughts.
You will do good deeds.
You use your mind and body in a right way.
You should do some exercise.
If you know asanas you should practice it.
Just run around the garden. It's good to walk around the room for about 15 minutes,
You can take a soothing shower.
Then pray and meditate.

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