Friday, June 12, 2020

Free eBook: The Social Distance King

In these challenging times, many people are looking for ways that they can give back and help others. Children’s book author, Eric DeSio, wants to do his part to keep kid entertained and learning and offer a resource for parents and teachers and kids to read and learn and pass the time in a healthy and productive way.


To that end, Eric is giving away unlimited FREE copies of his Ebook, The Social Distance King. No strings attached!


The only thing he asks is that you share this opportunity with as many people as you can.


The process is super simple: Go to and click on the link that says "Free" and the the complete eBook will be mailed to you.

Why is he doing this?


Eric truly recognizes and appreciates the importance of having an entertaining and healthy distraction at times like this. Currently, battling his way back from a rare inflammatory neurological condition, “Clippers”, that left him hospitalized, unable to walk, and with impaired speech, Eric found himself inspired to write. Eric found his purpose and mission to ‘share stories’ while he was recovering and hasn't stopped writing since. And now he wants to give back.

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