Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Book Nook: Live for a New Day

Transitioning to adulthood, searching for a job, or starting (or re-starting) a career requires endurance, fortitude, and hard work. From everyday challenges to traumatic events, we all face anguish, adversity, and other stresses. In the post-COVID era, there are even more obstacles. College graduates and those who have been recently laid off are entering the toughest job market since the recession in 2008.

Transcending these obstacles has everything to do with mindset and luckily the new book Live for a New Day, can help. Annie Evans uses her extensive life experience and adventures to guide others in realizing their passion and purpose in Live for a New Day.
Starting over ‘from scratch’ many times, she developed and continues to use a process that helped her to retrain her brain, replace subconscious limiting beliefs with positive ones. She learned how to control her disruptive feelings which enables her to live a productive, grateful happy life, despite some astonishing circumstances. Annie wants us all to be able to transcend challenges and live the lives we want and deserve. Besides her extensive world travel and adventures, she has worked with Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Greg Reid and others on her continuing journey to be her best self and to help others.

I had a chance to interview her to learn more.

Why did you write this book?
 I honestly kept my story to myself much of my life, as I was job-hunting and interviewing for jobs, much of it wasn’t the type of material that would go over well in an interview. The stymie of mental illness was a constant in my broken family. My younger half-siblings did even know much of it. There were times when I met someone struggling and I would share with them to help them, but they were fleeting moments only addressing what I thought would help them. After I left corporate, I was looking for my next stage in life. I ended up talking to a major influencer managing a large non-profit and helping others – he told me his life story, which was very rough and it triggered me to tell mine. He kept leaning further and further back in his chair and when I paused, he said “Annie, you have to tell your story, you can help so many people.” I responded “No Ryan, that is not what I do.” – I had always wanted to write a story about my adventures and world travels, but not about my grief and painful memories. On the drive home that night, I contemplated the conversation and asked myself “So you want to write all about the adventure, but what are you going to do about all the parts you have been holding back all of these years.” From there I knew I had to tell the whole truth and it became my purpose, I believe I am only just starting on this journey. I do hope that I can help people.

Why is it so important to be able to look at each day with a fresh perspective?
 In order to retrain my brain and lift the chip off of my shoulder, I had to change. I was negative and depressed. I have had many bad days, lots of pain – I didn’t want to live my life in sadness and grief. In my soul’s journey, I had to replace the negative with the positive, one of the things I learned was to look at each new day with hope and gratefulness. I realized that it was important to greet each day as a new beginning. Happiness is just a state of being. A lot of controlling your feelings is about mindfulness, although that was hardly a word when I started. Now, as I want to teach others how possible it is to retrain your feelings and find the positive and over time, with work and consistency, the negative feelings fade. It is truly a blessing that I am so proud of.

What makes your book unique compared to other books on changing perspective?
My book is about my real life experiences and how I transcended from really unfortunate and painful things and how I survived them and thrived. As I reflected on it, I realized that I had developed my own unique process for turning my life around and that I had successfully used it to start over several times in my life. I realized that it was a process that I could teach and share with others. There is so much fear and uncertainty in these times, I hope that I can help others build up their bounce back muscles and make sure that they found their true purpose and passion and have an action plan to meet their dreams and goals. While there are many self-help books, I feel that this is pretty unique and real. I want to give people hope that they too can change their lives for the better.

Annie Evans, founder of Set Your Sails, is an Author, Speaker, Coach and Trainer dedicated to helping people to become the best version of themselves. As a master of many trades, she has been a leader in different fields and areas offering her a wide base of experience. Determined to overcome life's curve balls, Annie developed a process that allowed her to transcend those unexpected life events and to live a fabulous adventurous life spanning several successful careers including real estate, horse trainer, a celestial navigator, fashion and architecture, project manager and business advisor, product developer, home/interior designer and international supply chain director. Currently a California Realtor for RealtyOne Group Summit, she loves to make peoples’ real estate dreams come true.

For More Information Visit: https://liveforanewday.com/

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