Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Elite Method - Private Coaching for Kids

Many summer camps have been canceled and many places are still closed, so there are limited options for parents.  Elite Method is a concierge-style private coaching program that combines sports, fitness and social-emotional skills development through one-on-one sessions with highly trained coaches. This combination of both “mind and body” coaching has been proven to improve physical and mental health, cognitive abilities, self-esteem and social skills. Elite Method will get kids and teens outdoors after three months of stay-in-orders. It’s a much needed lifeline for parents worried about their childrens’ physical and mental health.

Elite Method operates throughout the Tri-State area, offering 90 minute sessions of one-on-one time with its highly trained and pre-screened coaches. Whether in the backyard or park, the coach works with each child/ teen by creating customized programs to improve their physical and mental fitness, self-esteem and social skills. During the session, children may do a variety of things including sports fundamentals, strengthening and endurance drills, mindfulness/ meditation exercises, listening and focus games and social skills development.

Elite Method is offering a special, 20 percent discount on packages of 20 or more sessions during the summer months. It is also offering sessions in the Hamptons throughout the summer, catering to families who left the Tri-State area during the virus outbreak and plan to stay through the season.

Elite Method plans to introduce their program to other markets, including Miami, LA, Chicago and Dallas in the coming months.

I had a chance to interview founders Michael and Rachel Dube to learn more.

Why is it so important for kids to get outside and be active?
Children playing outside get aerobic exercise and gain new skills. Studies show children burn more calories outdoors, helping to prevent obesity and strengthen bones and muscles. Children have the space and freedom to move around, work off their energy and develop a sweat. Through physical outdoor activities they can improve their speed, strength, stamina and motor skills. This in return also supports the improvement of their self-image, self-esteem and an awareness of their own body.  We all want to raise physically and emotionally healthy children. Outdoor activity can foster growth in both those areas. Some additional benefits include; Learning, Creativity, Social skills, Independence, Exploration.

What makes the Elite Method particularly appropriate for this summer?
Children are emotionally and physically exhausted coming out of this pandemic. They have been sitting inside their homes for far too long staring at a computer instead of outside playing and socializing with friends. We need to reacclimate kids to the fresh air and running around. Elite Method will send a coach to excite and motivate your child to get outside again and get healthy. These coaches act as a mentor, a personal cheerleader, a friend in a judgement free environment. Children can speak their minds, get a break from their family and are given a chance to gain confidence by developing new skills. Additionally, from a safety perspective, our program is outside, adheres to all social distancing guidelines and is one-on-one thus limiting exposure.

Why is it important for parents to find coaches that are specifically trained to work with children?
Hiring a sports coach is a great way for kids to learn how to play specific sports but hiring a professionally trained Elite Method coach gives your kids the advantage of a professional coach that has a trained eye for every detail of their behavior and social emotional growth. Sports and social skills often go hand in hand. It can be extremely difficult for children to succeed in one without the other.  Our coaches look at the whole child and support their growth from the inside out. 

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