Thursday, September 10, 2020

Website Spotlight: Hexinfashion

 I had a chance to profile another fashion website for you. This one, Hexinfashion, has.a variety of fashion items at wholesale prices, including wholesale shapewear

I am a fan of long, flowing maxi dresses, and my husband loves blue. Plus, I love my shoulders and enjoy showing them off in the summer. It was very easy to search for a maxi dress style, and I love the feature that allows shoppers to search by color. This Sweety Blue Big Size Tie Halter Neck Maxi Dress New Fashion  would be a great pick for me. Don't let the "big size" in the name fool you, it is available down to a medium, which is a United States 8-10. The size chart is a little tricky to read, but it's also important to remember that most of the world uses centimeters when measuring, not inches like we do.

Are you someone shopping for full body shapewear? This site has you covered (pun not intended). I had no idea that there were so many different types of shapewear. Even this leotard-type full body shapewear has lots of options. They all appear to be at fantastic prices. The nice thing with using a consistent model is that it does make it easy to see how the different types will look on the same body, which could be useful for comparison.

The prices on the site are just phenomenal. For example, you can get this Tailored Flower Pattern Ruching Blouse Long Sleeves Casual Clothes for under two dollars. With prices like this, it's affordable to take a chance on something not quite fitting right, or something being worn just once for a special event, before getting donated or repurposed (even at inexpensive prices I think it's still important to be conscious of waste).

I tend to live in comfy clothes, so I also wanted to check out their sportswear section. I was not disappointed. The search filters made navigation and finding

a great-looking product easy. I enjoy wearing leggings under tunic tops and dresses to add warmth in the winter and add a little extra fun color. This Remarkable Purple Legging Tie-Dye Jacquard High Waist Leisure would definitely add some fun, upbeat color, especially in the winter.

The site has a lot more to offer, as well. You can find lingerie, swim wear, tops and bottoms, dresses, shapewear, and underwear. It's easy to find items on sale and new arrivals, and they have a plus size section as well. If you're looking for the best full body shaper, they certainly have a wide selection, so you just might find it. If you just want a site for clothes at wholesale prices, check them out. 

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