Thursday, October 1, 2020

Book Nook: In Life the Journey is Everything

 Many love stories in books and in films end with the happy couple getting married. All of their significant life experiences seemingly come to an abrupt stop when they finally “settle down” together. But in reality, marriage is just the beginning of the adventure.

I had a chance to read the new book In Life the Journey Is Everything, by Tim and Pat Von Dohlen, a spirited couple in their 70s. The book is a look at their journey through healing, grief, hope, tragedy, and love. Their shared Christian faith and passion for helping others motivated them along their journey, and it's inspiring to read of their love for each other and their passion for others.

The book incorporates Bible verses and songs along the way, marking important moments in their marriage, travels, and charitable work. Marriage has been part of their adventure, an adventure that can inspire others.

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