Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Tips & Tricks: How to Pack Your Books for Moving

 If you’ve packed books before, then you know they make up for some of the heaviest boxes among household items, particularly if we are talking a sizable collection.

We know, your books are indispensable so getting rid is not an option, but it never hurts to trim your collection now and then, painful as that might be.

The thing with books is that the added weight means you’ll have to contend with a larger moving bill when all is said and done. It might be a price worth paying, but still, digging deeper into the pocket is not always fun, more so at this time when you already have the moving invoice to deal with.

The weight, and box sizes, and moving expense aside, something else to worry about when packing books for moving is the potential for damage. The last thing you want happening to your precious volumes is ripped pages, bent covers, or smushed book jackets. That hurts.

So then, are there tips on packing your literary collection that can help safeguard your books against damage while keeping the cost of moving down?

If you can hire professional packers and movers, then perfect. Otherwise, we share a few below.

Cull your collection

Weeding out books you no longer need is never easy, especially for the serial hoarders among us. Chances are, though, there are books in your collection that no longer serve you.

When moving out, go through every title and ask yourself if it’s worth carrying with you or if it would be better passed on. There is no shortage of book recipients everywhere you look – charity, library, thrift store, donation center, school, you name it.

You can even sell on the second-hand market if you prefer.

Opt for small, sturdy boxes

Generally, smaller boxes are great for packing heavy items due to the ease of handling and maneuverability. If you have a substantial amount of books you’re moving, opt for smaller sturdy boxes instead of large ones.

Reinforce the boxes further by securing them with a few layers of tape.

Arrange the books properly

There are three best ways to pack books for moving when using boxes.

One way is to arrange them with the spine facing down. You could also place them in an upright position with the spine against the side of the box like you do on a shelf (great for hard covers).

The third option is to place your books flat on their backs, a method that should especially do justice to your paperbacks.

Packing books with the pages facing down will most likely result in damage, and that’s not what we want.

If you love order and got a large collection, you can go one further and arrange the books either alphabetically or according to genre. This comes in handy when you’re unpacking on the other end.

Fill in any gaps

Sometimes, you are bound to leave some space in the box after putting in your books. In such cases, use some packing materials (or even clothes) to fill in these gaps.

The idea is to keep the books from shifting during transit, which could damage them.

Use suitcases with wheels

There are few better ways to pack books for moving than putting them in a rolling suitcase. For book lovers, this is one of those life hacks that instantly improves your situation.

Rolling suitcases will not only save you on moving boxes, but also are more secure compared to boxes and the wheels allow for easier ferrying to and from the moving truck.


Lastly, you might want to label your book boxes so you don’t waste time tracing them when you get to your new place.


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