Saturday, November 7, 2020

Book Nook: Hellalyle and Hildebrand


I love to read fantasy fiction, and books set in a medieval backdrop, so I was happy to review Hellalyle and Hildebrand by author Tagai Tarutin. Like so many fantasy novels, the main theme is good over evil, and has roots in mythology - this one is based around an old Danish saga and weaves history, legend, and theology.

In a land near the Baltic and Kievan Rus dwelled an innocent young noblewoman, a gifted lady like no other, whose presence, a legend in her lifetime, set the standard of womanhood against which all others are judged. Her father the king, urgently required at the extreme edge of the kingdom, must leave behind his beloved daughter in a now inadequately defended castle. He decides to enlist twelve knights from across Europe to be her bodyguard, to protect her until his return.The leader of these knights wins her heart – an attraction engineered by the spirits of Arcadia.However, their love contradicts the chivalric order and displeases the king, setting in motion a tragedy for the soldier and the princess.

This book was very intriguing. It felt old-fashioned, but somehow new and fresh at the same time. The language was poetic and full of images that really made the story come alive. I also loved the fact that there were pictures - not like a children's book, but illustrations to really help make the characters seem even more alive. It's a masterfully written story. I loved the setting, I liked the story, and it was a very enjoyable read.


About the Author:

'Hellalyle and Hildebrand' is Tagai Tarutin's first completed novel. There are two others of a completely different genre, that lie unfinished, awaiting inspiration. He has worked most of his life in sales but has always had an interest in Arts and Humanities. Things that are beautiful and appealing play an essential part in his imagination. Besides travelling in West Europe, he has journeyed to the far South Atlantic, and European Russia, anxious to see parts of the world that are for many mystical destinations on a historical map.

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