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Caring Causes: Shine the Love - Tiny Type Studios

 Of the approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards the Greeting Card Association says Americans purchase each year, a consumer would be hard-pressed to find cards specifically designed for an adoptive or foster parent, let alone a case worker or birth mother. This is more surprising, considering nearly 100 million Americans have adoptions in their immediate family; 1.5 million children are adopted in the U.S and 7 million Americans are adopted. Fueled by a mission to help celebrate adoptions and raise awareness of foster children in need, two Tampa, Florida adoptive mothers are filling the void by launching an exclusive line of greeting cards and gifts, along with a national awareness campaign, Shine the Love, during National Adoption Month this November and in time for National Adoption Day, November 21.  

Bonded by their shared experiences of adopting their daughters, writer Stacy Clark, and designer Jayne Alfieri observed greeting card companies and sites only showcased occasional cards about adoption. Discouraged by this, they conceptualized a company offering products which targeted virtually everyone involved in the adoption process, from adoptees, adoptive and birth parents, to agency workers and foster parents. “Adopting our daughters, we saw a need for uplifting and celebrating the emotions and milestones of adoption,” said Clark. “We put our heads and hearts together to create Adoptionly Yours®, she added.


The two former ad creatives created Tiny Type Studios, LLC in 2017.  By 2018, they had already completed focus group research, developed a test line and sold 1,000 cards to a large adoption agency from concept sketches alone.  They launched the (an offshoot of the revered tagline Sincerely Yours) online store in February 2020, reflecting the emotions and milestones of adoption (beginning, waiting, match, loss, honoring birth parent, homecoming, finalization and more), and then, the pandemic hit.  Undeterred, they continued their work and in May 2020, launched the first-ever collection of cards for National Birth Mother’s Day. Now, they are introducing 40 new cards, the first collection celebrating adoption, during National Adoption Month, taking their total line to 100 cards. 


They also expect to spread the message of adoption through their social media campaign, which encourages the adoption community along with families and friends to shine their love for adoption on National Adoption Day by illustrating a “bright heart” in their own way, from a coloring, drawing, chalking on a driveway, to a heart-shaped cake or other heart-shaped expression, and sharing the photo with tag #shinethelove2020.  They are donating $1 from every full-price purchase of any greeting card to Together We Rise (, a national non-profit which helps care for kids in foster care. 


The founders see National Adoption Month as the ideal opportunity to encourage people to celebrate all those touched by adoption and help raise awareness of foster children in need.  “Our hearts are for all the world’s children. We wanted to distinguish our products and ensure they uplifted the conversation of adoption and fostered connection and compassion within the adoption community,” Alfieri explained.


The Adoptionly Yours cards are inclusive, non-denominational and non-political. The greeting cards sell for $4.99 each, plus shipping. The company also offers gift items for waiting, homecoming and adoption day. 


According to the Greeting Card Association, the nation’s annual greeting card purchases total approximately 6.5 billion, generating estimated annual retail sales between $7 and $8 billion. While 9 out of 10 American homes purchase greeting cards each year, purchasing a home, getting married and having children are the leading life-stage milestones which drive card-buying habits. 


“We want to change that narrative and enhance it with this significant dialogue,” said Clark.  


Clark and Alfieri are hoping to ignite a new level of awareness this November and it aligns perfectly with their company’s mission. “We know adoption is a story of wonder and waiting, loss and togetherness. Adoption is a beautiful, sometimes difficult, adventure of the heart, and we think the adoption journey needs its own special narrative for cheering on and loving along,” said Clark.


About Tiny Type Studios

A small company with a big heart for adoption, Tiny Type Studios is the creator of Adoptionly Yours® cards and gifts. Founded by writer, Stacy Clark and artist Jayne Alfieri, the two adoptive parents recognized the unmet need to support and celebrate, understand and empathize, lift loss and send love along the journey of adopting a child. The company’s mission is to uplift the conversation of adoption, foster connection and compassion within the adoption community, while taking care of the world’s children. Offering the first comprehensive line of adoption greeting cards, the products address the emotions and milestones unique to the adoption narrative. All cards are conceptualized and illustrated by the Tiny Type Studios’ artist and writer, and are printed locally in Tampa, Florida. Products can be accessed at  Proceeds from National Adoption Month sales in November will support Together We Rise (, a national non-profit helping care for kids in foster care.

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