Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Cayla Craft Interview


I had a chance to interview Mompreneur +  Business Coach Cayla Craft - former ER nurse turned business coach who is the host of the top podcast - Mommy Millionaire Podcast and founder of Mommy Millionaire Mentality? 

1.How do you balance parenting and running a business?

Pretty organized when it comes to the kids.  I put everything in my calendar so I can keep it all straight.  I schedule play dates and time with my own friends way in advance.  I have everything in my calendar, any work I need to do, my speeches, launches, I schedule it all ahead of time.  If I don't, I'll play with my kids all day long and won't get anything done!  It's very important to use your calendar.  Ask your kids what is important to them, what will fill up their cup.  I believe that there are 5 parts to us spiritual, physical, career, finance, and your relationships. I feel its important to schedule all of these things and make sure we are hitting all parts of our lives for not only myself but my kids too.  This way our souls are filled up and we are ready to go.

2. What has your family been doing to keep busy during Covid? 

Playing a lot of games as a family.  My oldest son started writing a book.  My daughter started her very own business.  We've been spending as much time together as possible and really bonding as a family.  It's been my favorite.

3. How have you found time for yourself in the midst of all this togetherness at home?

I think it's very important to teach your kids that they need alone time too, to check in with their thoughts.  I practice alone time in the morning.  I try to get up before my kids and then during the day we make sure to have alone time too.  I'll go in my closet and have the kids read, journal, or work on art projects alone where they can really just get quiet and hear themselves. I think its really important we teach them from a very young age that they shouldn't be busy all the time. It's better to be in the stillness and in the quiet. 


When Cayla was saving lives as an ER nurse back in 2011, she had this gut feeling that she was meant for so much more. Cayla didn't want to choose between having a happy family and having a successful business.  So she embarked on a journey to have it all.

Nine years later, she discovered how to bring harmony into her family's life while helping thousands of women pursue their passions through Mommy Millionaire.

Cayla’s three beautiful kids and supportive husband have all seen a dramatic positive change in her family's energy throughout this process.  They’re all thankful that she took the leap and chased her dreams relentlessly.

From her popular Mommy Millionaire Podcast, live events, coaching courses, and more, she’s created tools for every woman to start and grow their own coaching business. 

Her ultimate goal is to help one million moms become millionaires using the same principles she used to become a millionaire, too. She doesn’t aim to just inspire you. She aims to give you concrete tips and tactics that you can be successful with today.

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