Saturday, November 14, 2020

Healthy Habits: Tourette Syndrome Information for Spanish Speakers

 The Tourette Association of America, the nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness for Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders, has launched its Spanish language messaging campaign to educate the Hispanic community starting this fall. The digital campaign targets an estimated 1 million Americans impacted by Tourette Syndrome (TS).  

Tourette Syndrome is characterized by sudden, involuntary movements and/or sounds called tics. They can include eye blinking, head jerking, and facial movements — throat clearing, coughing, sniffing, and tongue clicking. As we navigate in our new normal, those impacted by Tourette Syndrome or a Tic Disorders, may be experiencing heightened symptoms as well as extreme anxiety, OCD, depression, and other co-occurring conditions. These symptoms may be crippling, hindering the ability to fulfill basic needs with tics increasing due to social distancing. 

"50% of individuals with Tourette Syndrome are going undiagnosed especially in minority, low-income, and disadvantaged populations. Many children, parents, teachers and even physicians don’t fully understand TS, which can lead to bullying, an improper diagnosis, that impair the quality of life for someone with TS." says Amanda Talty, President and CEO of the Tourette Association of America. "TAA strives to make sure our resources reach all communities and residents, regardless of income, education, ethnic background or language. Sharing this message in Spanish is an important step in raising awareness of Tourette Syndrome during these challenging times.”

Individuals are encouraged to visit, which includes free resources:

  • Online support groups
  • Videos from parents of children who have TS in Spanish.
  • Facts about concurrent conditions associated with TS
  • Variety of toolkits in Spanish for various audiences, including young adults, children, educators, law enforcement, providers, families, and the general community.
  • “I have a TS” card translated in Spanish to assist in stressful situations

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