Friday, November 20, 2020

Save the Girls Touchscreen Purse - Inventor Review

 The Save The Girls Touch Screen Purse is a practical and fashionable gift that will be used and appreciated.

I had a a chance to interview Save The Girls inventor and president Tami Lange.


No More Losses or Breaks

Plenty of people lose or break their smart phones. One solution to help guard against loss and damage is the Save The Girls Touchscreen Purse. Any function of the smart phone is accessible without ever removing it from the purse. It is a fashionable, practical, problem solver that was featured on the Oscars, QVC, Howie Mandel and many other local news and feature programs, like the one above. Better still is that with every sale ten percent of it is donated to Breast Cancer Research.


Fewer Microscopic Hazards from Cleaner Smart Phones

The screens on cell phones are a gross, septic stew of germs, viruses and even fecal matter. The

Save The Girls Touch Screen Purse keeps cell phones off of restroom counters, sinks, toilets, floors and anywhere that germs and viruses congregate in big numbers. This is especially helpful during the era of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic. “The cell phone has three times more germs on it than a doorknob,” owner and inventor Tami Lange said. “I can’t imagine putting my face next to a doorknob.”


The Save The Girls Origin Story

With two of her daughters ruining their phones (one lost on a trail and the second from accidentally throwing it in the wash) and then seeing her sister in law with breast cancer, pulling her phone from her bra, Lange decided to find a solution. She came up with a touch screen purse where women can text, talk, scroll social media, all while the phone is secure in a stylish purse. The idea for the ‘Save The Girls Touchscreen Purse’ was born.

What makes Save the Girls Touchscreen Purse such a great gift for travelers? When traveling you want  your necessities, close and easy to access. Each purse has a min of 3 credit card slots, a place for keys and money, plus a pocket for your phone. Your hands are free to handle luggage, or feel the cool sand at your fingertips. The touch screen purse even allows you to push your digital boarding pass through the scanner, through the back side of the purse, which keeps your phone safe from germs etc.  STG touch screen purses are a must have for travel or even anytime you venture out!

Why is it important to be able to use cell phones without taking them out of a purse? Right now with Covid it is important to lesson your exposure to germs.  Phones have 25,000 germs per square inch.  When you touch a bathroom door and then hold your phone you transfer the germs to your phone which soon is touching your face!  When you leave the phone in your purse you touch your phone through a plastic covering, this gives you time to wash your hands before pulling your phone out for long conversations etc.

What other products does Save the Girls make that are helpful for people on the go? WE have designed a full line of protective equipment, including scarves that have built in masks.  The scarf looks like a fashion accessory, but when you want to jump into a store you just flip up the mask flap that has adjustable ear loops and your ready for any outing. No more loosing your masks!

Learn more in this interview: WTMJ-TV The Morning Blend.


About Save The Girls

Save the Girls is a purse company with a unique design which allows owners to use their cell phones to text, answer calls and other smartphone functions while still in their purse. Women who own a purse from Save The Girls can carry their phones everywhere, in a safe, fashionable purse.

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