Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Book Nook: Beautiful Mable and Kirra the Christmas Elf


Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08LMSF4MR   

Kirra The Christmas Elf is a heartfelt story that shares the joy of Christmas and how a positive attitude can not only change one’s outlook on a situation but can also change the outcome entirely.

When a disgruntled elf named Winnie (Samriddhi Singh) sees her chance to take over the North Pole, she uses a magical machine to turn time backwards on Jolly Old Santa Claus (Scott Osborne) and he begins getting younger-- and fast!  With Mrs. Claus (Sadie Dilcock) captured and in candy cane jail, it's up to a loyal elf names Lovey (Katherine Alpen), a little girl with a magical key (Camryn Macdonald), and the now-teenage Santa to turn forward the hands of time and save the future of Christmas.


Book: https://www.thefarmerandthebelle.net/childrens-book/

Beautiful Mable is a children’s storybook about kindness by VeggieTales Co-Creator Mike Nawrocki with illustrations by instagram sensation, Sara Jo Floyd.  

Bracelet: Separately, the bracelet accompanies a devotional book unlocking revelation to each inscription engraved on the bracelet. The bracelet sells on QVC on Nov 17. The messaging is providing an inspirational pathway to beauty and value for women. 

Sparks fly when a famous model (Jenn Gotzon-Chandler) returns to her small town and runs into her childhood pal (Jim E. Chandler) who now has a young daughter and a farm. With the town in danger of losing their Santaland festival, they’ll need some big ideas to save the event and discover that true love and beauty comes from within, and miracles can happen with determination and faith. Inspired by a true story! 

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