Saturday, January 23, 2021

Book Nook: We Had Fun in Quarantine

 While author Lacey J. Heinz, a former teacher, was homeschooling her preschool age son during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, she began writing a story with him about things they were doing during quarantine to pass the time. Friends with illustrator Hannah Moore since middle school, they had always wanted to collaborate on a children’s book together and finally had the motivation and time to do so.

Their delightful and relatable new children’s picture book “We Had Fun in Quarantine” chronicles the wonderful quality time with family the pandemic has created, amongst the tragedy, to demonstrate the beautiful moments that have also come from it. As told from the perspective of the child, the story highlights the joy and gratitude that can be found in the simple things in life such as baking treats, playing toy trains, building forts and more. The book also allows space for readers to document and make a time capsule of things they did as well to have fun during quarantine.


“Hannah and I wanted to showcase how there are blessings all around us, even in a global pandemic,” said Heinz. “Quarantine is difficult for many, especially hungry kids, which is why we have teamed up with No Kid Hungry to donate a portion of our proceeds to ensure kids will remember the blessings and fun they had in quarantine, despite the hard times that may have befallen them.”


The colorful illustrations and catchy rhythm of the story will help capture the imagination of children and make parents laugh as they recall the challenges and fun they had in quarantine with their little ones.


Available through AmazonBarnes & Nobleand Archway Publishing


About the Author

Lacey J. Heinz is a reading enthusiast. Her love of reading was cultivated by her mother at an early age. As a child, she dreamed of sharing her affinity for reading with other children and one day becoming an author. Now that dream is coming true. Heinz has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Reading from Central Washington University. In 2018, she received a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Washington; Tacoma Campus. Heinz lives in Puyallup, Washington, with her husband and two children, who were the inspiration for this story.


About the Illustrator

Hannah Moore has been drawing since she could hold a pencil and learned how to paint from her mother who is a watercolor artist. An avid reader and storyteller as well, she began creating and illustrating her own stories for fun at a young age. Eventually, her love of books and art would lead her to double major in Graphic Design and Creative Writing at Western Washington University. Moore lives in Seattle, Washington, where she is a Graphic Designer by day and an aspiring novelist by night.

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