Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Orimel Packable Coat (Founder Interview)

 The Orimei Packable Coats Collection recently launched - you can check out the campaign here.

On-the-go women will appreciate how Orimei Packable Coats are:





Orimei’s timeless design elevates style for any occasion and helps simplify daily routines. The compact coats help save time on packing too, allowing women to focus more on what they love doing most. 

Orimei helps empower on-the-go women to live a more minimal and fulfilling life.

I had a chance to interview founder and designer, Angela Wang, about the limitations of coats and jackets currently available to women and how her brand solves those problems. 

What are some features to look for in women's coats?
Some main features for me that are deal breakers is the wrinkle-resistant aspect. Many coats wrinkle and require ironing or steaming. So for women, like myself that are constantly on the go, we search for wrinkle resistance and low maintenance as a key feature.

Why are the current coats on the market not always suitable for women?
With current coats on the market, often times, the fit just isn't right and they're very bulky to bring on trips and meetings. Many coats out there currently require dry-cleaning and are very high maintenance and require time and effort to maintain. 

What sets your coats and jackets apart?
Not only are the Orimei coats wrinkle-resistant, they're packable! and they turn into a purse with a built in zippered accessory pocket allowing you to store any daily essentials such as your ID, credit cards, and even a chapstick- For those emergency chapped lip days. They're also low maintenance and do not need to be dry cleaned. They're easy to wear and very minimal to style with any outfit you might have! Bonus: they're made locally in California creating less carbon footprint for shipping and packaging waste.

What has been the most surprising thing about creating your own brand?
The most surprising thing about creating my own brand is definitely being thrown into uncomfortable situations and putting myself out there. I've had to be vulnerable in sharing my idea with the world. My first Kickstarter launch was actually posted in a "shitty Kickstarter" forum on Reddit which burned a bit at first but only made me stronger. We raised over $150K on that project, which helped emphasize that a lot more people loved it rather than hated it. We were able to use what people didn't like as feedback and improve. In the end, I've met so many inspiring women and created such an amazing support system to push me to become greater and create even more. Putting myself out there has really opened new opportunities for collaborations and I've grown so much along the way. That support, growth and confidence has helped lead to our second launch of packable coats, which is now live! 

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