Monday, February 15, 2021

Parenting Pointers: How to Stay Connected With Neighbors (While Socially Distancing)

This last year of social distancing has kept us at home with our families while proactively staying safe. However, it has taken a toll on our relationships with close friends, family, and even our neighbors. You may have seen old friends move out from your neighborhood and new families move in, as mortgage rates have been historically low in the last year.

Although we cannot be physical with each other right now, there are still many doable ways to stay connected with your neighbors and keep the sense of community alive. These ideas can help you warmly welcome new neighbors into your area while maintaining social distancing.

  • See new neighbors moving in next door? Make them a personalized welcome basket to kindly welcome them to your neighborhood. Buy a nice bottle of wine or a new green-leafed plant with other small sweet items. Add a greeting card into the basket to add a personalized note!

  • Invite them onto an online neighborhood group page to connect with other residing neighbors. Not only do these help you stay connected with old friends, but can help to welcome new ones into the area and help everyone feel excited to meet in person once it is safe to do so!
  • Virtual neighborhood party anyone? Drop off customized drink supplies at your neighbor’s front steps and plan for a virtual happy hour to get to know new neighbors as well as catch up with old ones! This can be a fun one to do so everyone can take a turn supplying the drinks.
  • Have new neighbors with children? If the weather is nice where you live, make an outdoor craft box filled with goodies like chalk and bubbles to entertain the kids while the parents move and settle into their new home!

Looking for more ways to welcome new friends into your area? Check out these 12 ways to meet and welcome new neighbors while staying safe!

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