Friday, March 26, 2021

Healthy Habits: Post-Covid Mental Trauma in Teens

Positive Presence Global, the largest mentor coaching company in North America for teenagers and young adults, has announced a new lineup of programming and services specifically-designed to tackle the mental and emotional effects of Covid on family and school lives. The first of its kind in the nation, the program works with teens and their parents to provide a path forward that builds confidence, communication, and the tools necessary for personal growth and success.

"Being a teenager over the past 12 months has been an unprecedented challenge, especially in an era exacerbated by social media, peer pressure, and political discord," says Michelle Marie King, Positive Presence Founder. "We believe that we need to start empowering this portion of our population during these trying times. By providing a series of focused, guided lessons at this stage of a young person’s life we can not only change their individual path but can create positive social change for an entire generation."

Since 2016, the award-winning Positive Presence team has worked with hundred of teens around the world, empowering them through over 10,000 hours of coaching and programming uniquely designed to create a healthier and happier path forward in their family, school, and social lives.

I had a chance to interview Michelle to learn more.

Why did you create Positive Presence?
As someone who struggled with darkness as a young adult and who was also simultaneously ashamed of it – I wanted nothing more to protect my daughter from experiencing the same journey. When she was born early 2015 I realized how sharing my story with her could ultimately help her avoid the same fate. But as a newborn, I thought how could I impact her now. In that moment I dedicated my life to impacting the generation she was going to forever be looking up to – the teenagers and young adults of today’s world. The vision of Positive Presence has always been to eradicate this idea that suicide is the only escape from darkness. If we can accomplish that in this generation, my daughter’s generation could truly embody the self-love we all wish for our children.

Why is it important to have a positive outlook?
Positivity and light go hand in hand. In today’s society, for so many, it feels like darkness prevails. We live in a world filled with fog – a culture lost to hate and stress fueled by exhaustion and overwhelm. When we can practice positive thinking, we as individuals become a beacon of light, a conduit of hope that cuts through the unrelenting smog that overwhelms our humanity. Light creates more light and thus a brighter future becomes inevitable for all. You see, we don’t just become light for ourselves when we practice positivity, we instill light in others. That light, that one positive thought creates an impact that’ll last for generations!

How can people remain positive while still processing extremely challenging or stressful situations?
By recognizing the contrast!

If life always gave us the best situations over and over and over again, we’d eventually become numb to ‘best’. Soon ‘best’ would become ‘great’ and then ‘great’ would become ‘okay’ and then ‘okay’ would become ‘meh’. When we can look at life’s ‘worst’ challenges as the contrast to life’s ‘best’ situations, we begin to have… drum-roll please… GRATITUDE! Gratitude is the pièce de résistance to life. It’s the reason we can experience the worst trauma imaginable and then within moments find a reason to smile. Sometimes that reason comes from a hug from a loved one, the feeling of our own beating heart in our chest or the sun kissing our skin. Gratitude is KING in finding peace in any situation.


Positive Presence Global has been recognized as "one of the most innovative life coaching companies of our time," fostering a culture of dedication to both personal growth and service to others in our staff and students alike in order to make a much needed difference in today’s society.

Positive Presence Global

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