Thursday, April 15, 2021

Book Nook: Eggy Farm

 Those turning the pages of ‘Eggy Farm’ will immediately notice it looks like a book made from a smash-hit television show. And that’s exactly what writer Stephen Paul wanted to achieve.


The graphics are not only rich and immersive, but paint a perfect picture of all of the fun and frolics that could only take place on this most unique farm.


And now, children around the world are invited to join in on the action.




EGGY FARM is run by animals. Meet BOBO a lovely kind dog who is the boss. WILL and BEN the goats. They get up to all sorts of mischief. PEEPS ( chicks ) who are just sweet and fluffy. LOP-LOP the hungry bunny who loves to eat carrots. Meet the piglets, GASSY, WINDY, WIFFY AND PONG. (PONG is also very silly). Get ready to shout... ‘STOP BEING SILLY PONG'.


“I really believe the book and the entire series has huge potential as a television show,” explains the author. “So, I created graphics that jump out of the page, drag young readers into the action and mimic the scenes they’d see on the big screen. It’s quite a unique format for a children’s book.”


Continuing, “My plan is to continue growing the series, as we follow Bobo, Will, Ben and the other animals as they get up to more escapades, hatch wild plans and keep young readers laughing. And, who knows, perhaps soon we’ll be watching them on TV!”



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About the Author:


Stephen Paul is an artist/author living in Norfolk. Born in Cambridgeshire, living in rural villages surrounded by countryside and farms which have influenced this book.

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