Thursday, April 22, 2021

Book Nook: A World of Animals

I recently had a chance to see a copy of A World of Animals , a great how-to-draw book that takes you on a journey around the globe. The book includes more than 175 animals from all over the world, and also has a poster and sticker page.

This was a fun book for my daughter. It gave her a new style of drawing to try, and she was able to learn and reinforce fun facts about animals. Some of them she already knew, but there were some facts she learned throughout the book too. 

The style and layout of the book, as well as the drawing instructions, make this a great book for younger budding artists, especially with features like the poster and sticker challenge. Older artists can still learn from this book as well, particularly if they need a book that is easier to follow than some other drawing books, or want something that's a more modern drawing style.

Rimma Zainagova is an illustrator from Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation. Paul Calver has been creating books for 25 years. He has created everything from encyclopedias, sticker books, and nonfiction to children’s novelty books. He lives in South London with his wife and two sons.

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