Friday, April 16, 2021

Music Minute: Tracy Bonham


This percussive call-and-response song is from Bonham’s upcoming debut children’s album, Young Maestros Vol. 1. The album, released on Bonham’s Melodeon Music House label, is a celebration of music and movement that includes 11 songs that aren’t only fun to dance and sing along to but also teach musical concepts in an entertaining and light-hearted way.​ 

The interactive nature of “Let’s Take the Subway” is typical of the Melodeon Music House approach. Bonham says her students instantly know how to move when the rhythm starts. “They are learning to feel a steady pulse in their bodies when the song stops and starts. This is a perfect example of sneaking in the educational content.”

Visit to learn more about Bonham’s joyful approach to music education.

The Grammy-Nominated Rockstar’s First Children’s Album Is a Celebration of Self-Expression and Exploration of Musical Concepts.

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