Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Consumer Critique: Disney Villains Cross-Stitch

Disney has made some great villains over the years - villains that defy stereotypes, have an unexpected twist to their personalities, or are a little more complex than some traditional fairy tale bad guys. My daughter loves the villains - Scar, Ursula, Mother Gothel - and loves singing their songs.

If you enjoy villains and needlework, you might like the book I recently got to review - Disney Villains Cross Stitch. This colorful kit features projects inspired by your favorite antagonists. All twelve projects include a witty overview highlighting fun facts about each Villain, easy-to-follow patterns, and full-color photographs to help you visualize your projects.

You get fabric and floss enough to do two of the projects, along with needles and a hoop. If you want to do more, you'd need to get your own fabric and possibly floss. The included instruction book is easy to follow for those relatively new to cross-stitch or those who are more experienced.

It makes a great gift for Disney fans who also enjoy cross-stitch, and if you know someone who wants to learn and loves Disney, cross-stitch provides an easy project that can be done just about anywhere!

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