Saturday, May 1, 2021

Fun Freetime: Baby's First Spring

 Spring is an exciting time, especially for new parents whose babies are experiencing nature’s re-emergence the very first time. Warmer weather means more time outdoors where baby can get his or her first glimpse of colorful flowers, breathe in the spring-fresh air, feel the sun on her face and slide silky blades of grass between his toes.


As babies encounter all these new sensations, their natural curiosity requires parents to remain attentive, lest little ones follow their natural instinct to put everything they find into their mouths--including leaves, pine cones or anything else left on the ground. teetherpop™ lets babies explore their surroundings while keeping their mouths busy with a soothing and refreshing treat.  


Some “firsts” to try with baby this spring:


Take a walk or run

Keep baby entertained and hydrated while getting outdoors for a long walk or run. Offer a homemade popsicle made with baby’s favorite drink. Serving it inside a teetherpop will keep the popsicle frozen longer--and contained for less mess!


Alfresco dining

Fresh, warm spring air lures us to dine outside. A teetherpop filled with a favorite purée keeps baby entertained and able to enjoy eating alongside the family.  


Spring Cleaning

Whether you love it or dread it, finding time for spring cleaning can be challenging--especially for parents of young children. Play some favorite tunes, pull a teetherpop out of the freezer, and let baby enjoy a soothing treat while watching you clean and dance around the kitchen.


Outdoor Adventures

The great thing about teetherpop is that it goes wherever baby goes--boating, hiking, camping, and more! And keeps little ones soothed, hydrated and snacked: its always teetherpop time!


For more ideas and additional information about teetherpop, the patented, fillable, freezable teether, visit

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