Thursday, June 10, 2021

Book Nook: Books for Pride Month from Mango Publishing

 I recently had a chance to review several books from Mango Publishing that are all very timely for Pride Month. Regardless of where you stand on LGBTQ+ issues, it is always good to be informed and understanding.

Unconditional: A Guide to Loving and Supporting Your LGBTQ Child

To be completely blunt, this is a book that shouldn't need to be written. There should be absolutely no reason to ever stop loving your child. That being said, this book does a very good, gentle job of reminding readers that what their kids need most is love. Each chapter ends with very concise do's and don't's, and there are specific examples that can help parents see the experiences of other LGBTQ+ kids. There are also tips on how to advocate for your child so that they can feel welcome and not alienated in other places, such as with extended family or at school.

The ABC's of LGBT+ 

This book is clearly designed for teens and young adults. It's matter-of-fact and easy to read, and has an illustration and language style that is much less academic than some other explanatory books. For teens who aren't sure where they stand, to teens who want to know more about the words other people use to describe themselves, this book explains this in a way that they'll understand well.

We Make It Better The LGBTQ Community and Their Positive Contributions to Society

This was a very intriguing book to read, and profiled many people who have made significant contributions in a wide variety of fields. The biographies were short and easy to read, and can provide role models for people looking for them in the LGBTQ community, or increase awareness of contributions by people who are LGBTQ.

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