Friday, June 4, 2021

Caring Causes: Friends of Notre Dame


In 2019, the world watched as Notre-Dame cathedral burned in the heart of Paris, France. The architectural masterpiece that has served as an international symbol of love and peace for over 800 years suffered extensive damage.


Michel Picaud is President of Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris, the official public charity leading international fundraising efforts to rebuild and restore the cathedral and its priceless works of art. Picaud is extremely grateful for the massive American response to the call for donations, though he is quick to note that the fundraising is nowhere near completion.


“The support of the U.S. donors has already been extraordinary,” says Picaud. “This is a testament to the French-American friendship, which dates back to the American Revolution, and which has never failed since then. But our needs are huge. The total budget for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame and her complete restoration will largely surpass what has been collected up to now.”


The fire that ripped through Notre-Dame destroyed the wood latticework roof and iconic spire of the beloved French cathedral. Those who watched on televisions around the globe shared the pain of witnessing the destruction of an irreplaceable architectural masterpiece. The cathedral was not lost, but the cost of repair is enormous. Michel Picaud is leading the charge not only to reconstruct the church, but also to restore the great works of art that it holds.


Academy Award-nominated actress Glenn Close, celebrated cellist Yo-Yo Ma, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns, and NPR journalist and host Scott Simon have all spoken up for the restoration of Notre-Dame. During a virtual gala in support of the cathedral’s restoration, Yo-Yo Ma shared, “I was born in Paris. And I grew up [a] five-minute-walk from Notre-Dame,” adding later, “I don’t think even people who have never been to Notre-Dame did not feel this hurt in their bodies seeing the fire rage.”


The Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris have created an online puzzle, inviting donors to sponsor an artifact of their choosing to help restore the cathedral in its entirety — a great gift for grads, dads, and hard-to-please art and history-lovers.


“Notre-Dame Cathedral is not just a French monument,” says Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris president Michel Picaud. “She belongs to the world, and she needs our help.”


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