Thursday, July 29, 2021

Amazing Apps: Main Takeaways From America’s Top Grossing Apps

Apps serve a variety of purposes. For users, they can make quality entertainment, provide a valuable service, and connect people around the world. On the creator side, apps can generate considerable profits. Whether you hope to create a successful app or simply want to learn more about the tech industry, examining the top grossing apps is a great way to start.

For an app to be top grossing, it must have some of the highest total revenue out of all available apps in that particular store. Keep reading to find out America’s top grossing apps of 2021 and what we can learn from them.

Top Grossing Apps in the Apple App Store

The first common destination for downloads is the Apple App Store, where iPhone users can choose from over two million options. Here are the top grossing apps in the U.S. store:

  1. YouTube

  2. HBO Max

  3. Roblox

  4. Tinder

  5. Disney+

  6. Candy Crush Saga

  7. Call of Duty

  8. Hulu

  9. Pokémon GO

  10. Pandora

Top Grossing Apps in the Google Play Store

On the other hand, Android users can pick from over three million apps available in the Google Play Store. Check out the top grossing ones in the U.S. store:

  1. Google One

  2. Candy Crush Saga

  3. Coin Master

  4. HBO Max

  5. Garena Free Fire

  6. Disney+

  7. Roblox

  8. Genshin Impact

  9. Pandora

  10. Lords Mobile

Main Takeaways

Although not every idea can reach the same success as YouTube or Candy Crush Saga, there’s a lot to learn from the top grossing apps. One of the most important things to keep in mind is which categories are making the most profits. Here’s a breakdown of the app genres that have earned or are projected to earn the highest revenue:

  1. Mobile gaming: Earning an $85 billion revenue stream, gaming apps like Roblox and Pokémon GO were the most profitable in 2020.

  2. Entertainment: Apps designed to provide entertainment such as YouTube, HBO Max, and Disney+ raked in $5.3 billion in user spending last year.

  3. Health and fitness: In 2021, apps related to health are expected to reach up to $4.1 billion in revenue, making this genre a great option for new app creators.

  4. Dating: Likewise, online dating apps are expected to earn $3.2 million in the U.S. alone.

These apps and genres have made great achievements, but it’s important to remember that they all started somewhere. Looking to boost engagement on your own app? CleverTap is a platform designed to give you all the tools you need for success. Check out their infographic below for even more statistics and tips!

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