Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Book Nook: A Boy and His Elephant

 Author Ethan Watson has released his new book, A Boy and His Elephant. The book is a conversation between two friends, one small and one large, which answers some of life's biggest questions.

Watson's book is written in a conversational style that covers a complex topic in a way that is simple enough for children to understand. Watson's book tackles some complex questions, such as who is God and where can you find Him?  Coupled with beautiful illustrations, A Boy and His Elephant teaches lessons that anyone of any age can learn, such as it's important not to overlook the simple, everyday things in life. Sometimes, those simple things are gifts providing comfort and knowledge. The story ends with a beautiful and comforting message.


Watson says, "The creation of this story began in the summer of COVID-19. Like many others, I discovered the usual events and daily activities missing from my calendar. As a result, I was able to spend the warm summer days in Cache Valley exploring some of God's greatest gifts. This inspired me to create a simple message that rings true for all ages.”  He adds, "Amid a time of uncertainty and controversy, there are still greater questions that need answering, and so I have aimed to do that in the simplest way I know. As I have grown older, I have realized that just because life gets increasingly more complex, the answers do not need to do so. In fact, there is purity and relief in simple, hopeful answers. This story comes from confronting a personal endeavor in which I'm sure I am not alone."

You can learn more in this interview.

Why did you write this book?
I wrote this book last summer because at the time there were so many things unknown, and so much negative media circling around that I thought that there needs to be more positive media out there. At times of uncertainty and tension we need to remember that there are bigger things out there than our day to day life events, and what happens to be on the latest news cycle. I wanted to remind people that there is goodness out there, you just have to be willing to look. 

Why is it important for parents and caregivers to have a way to discuss tough questions with kids?
Children amaze parents and caregivers every day with their innocent and curious questions. As adults we need ways to provide them with honest and simple answers that will inspire them to continue to seek and learn. 

Why are the simplest answers sometimes still the best, even for adults?
I love this question! As I have grown older I have found that as adults we oftentimes make life more complicated than it needs to be whereas we should be seeking ways to simplify our day to day. When we ask questions, the answers that we receive are usually full of details, history and irrelevant information. I have realized that just because life gets increasingly more complex, the answers do not need to do so. In fact, there is purity and relief in simple, hopeful answers. 


A Boy and His Elephant is available on Amazon. For more information, visit walkwithanelephant.com or follow Ethan Watson on Facebook and Instagram.



Ethan Watson grew up in Logan, Utah, where he graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor's degree in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education. He's happy to continue calling himself an Aggie as he is now in the process of completing a four-year graduate program to pursue a career as a pediatric audiologist. Watson has always had a special connection to children and has a unique way of making them feel heard while addressing their individual challenges. In his spare time, Watson loves to be outdoors, either on the golf course or on the ski slopes. He plans to continue writing with hopes of creating a series of books addressing some of life's more complex questions with the simplest and sincerest answers.

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