Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Thrifty Thinking: Travel Jewelry

 Summer is here and in full swing! Regardless of what your summer plans may be, adding your favorite jewelry pieces are a must when it comes to elevating that summer outfit you’ve been dying to wear. 

Olivia Starling, founder and CEO of jewelry brand Starlette Galleria, strives to highlight the importance of why you should consider going for more affordable, stylish jewelry options (that won’t tarnish) for your next summer vacation or outing.

Here are Olivia Starling’s top 3 summer accessory must-haves:

Traveling, the pool, going to the beach, sunscreen, and UV rays... All of these things will take a toll on your rings. Don’t act careless with some of your most prized possessions. Snag a stackable band from Starlette Galleria or simulated diamond ring. They are made of sterling silver and plated in real rhodium or gold, so you never have to worry about your finger turning green or skin sensitivity. 
#2: Necklaces
Catering to the woman on the go, Starlette Galleria will supply you with necklaces you don’t have to take off. Wear them to the pool, the gym, and everywhere you go this summer. Made of real sterling silver and plated in hypoallergenic rhodium or gold, these necklaces will not tarnish or turn your skin green. 
#3: Travel Jewelry 
You don’t have to travel far to swap out your wedding ring. Any outing where you’re apt to remove your jewelry temporarily, take the travel ring with you instead. Make sure your jewelry is protected all summer long by leaving it at home and wearing a high-quality Starlette Galleria ring while you are on your summer adventure. 

I had a chance to interview her to learn more.

What is the concept of travel jewelry?
“Your wedding ring is easy to swap out and difficult to replace. When you travel with your wedding ring, you are risking loss, theft, and damage on one of your most prized possessions. Don't travel with your real wedding ring! Snag a high-quality, sterling silver AAA CZ ring that is plated to prevent tarnishing and will never turn your finger green. It looks so real that no one will tell the difference.”  
Tip #1 - perfect for your beach day or pool party. No one wants to risk losing jewelry when you’re out having fun in the sun. Whether you’re soaking in some rays and take those rings off to avoid tan lines, or out swimming in the water, neither are a good place to worry about your wedding ring or family heirlooms. Any outing where you’re apt to remove your jewelry temporarily, take the travel jewelry with you instead. 
Tip #2 Don’t risk damage! Sunscreen, chemicals in water, and UV lights are all culprits that won’t just prematurely age your skin, but also can age your jewelry. Make sure you are protecting your jewelry by leaving it at home and swapping it out for something beautiful and fun! 
Tip #3 Don’t risk loss! As you slide your ring off your finger and set it on the table to apply sunscreen to your child. A few hours go by and you realize that your ring is not on your finger, and not on the table. Panic! Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Get a ring that you love, but if you lose it, you aren’t out thousands of dollars. 
Tip #4 Don’t risk theft! Being in a new place makes you more vulnerable than when you are in familiar surroundings. Why would you take one of your most expensive possessions with you while you are vulnerable? 
Tip #5 Perfect for your time at the pool or the beach. You don’t have to be traveling far to swap out your wedding ring. Make sure your ring is protected all summer long by leaving it at home and wearing a high-quality Starlette Galleria ring while you are on your summer adventure. 
Why would people want to take jewelry at all on a trip?
I believe that most women love to wear jewelry. It is a simple way to decorate her body, express who she is, and show important parts of her life. For example, a wedding ring shows you are married, and a cross necklace can show your faith. It’s a simple expression that most women subconsciously do. 
How can travelers find pieces that will work for a variety of outfits without having to pack too many pieces?
I travel once a month, and I like to keep it simple when I travel, so I wear one set that goes with everything on my trip. A simple necklace, two bracelets stacked, earrings, and of course a ring. All of the jewelry at Starlette Galleria is made with high quality metals so you don’t have to worry about taking it off. Dainty necklaces, an easy bracelet, and a great pair of studs are always my go-to when I am picking out jewelry to hit the road with. I cater to the woman on the go, because I am the woman on the go. Having simple and elegant pieces make everyday life beautiful and easy. 
What's your favorite way to store jewelry and keep it safe while traveling?
All of my real diamonds are constantly locked in a safe in my house. I have had pieces stolen and lost, so I have a fear of taking family heirlooms out for anything except special occasions. While traveling (and every day) I wear my Starlette Galleria jewelry because I know if it is lost, stolen, or damaged, I can easily replace it without thinking twice. 

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