Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Book Nook The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince - Everybody's Good at Something

Children's book author Prince A. Sanders invites kids to find their passion and pursue it fearlessly with the release of his new children's book, The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince: Everybody's Good at Somethingwhich is based on his own experiences as a child, and is the second book in The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince series. 

After falling in love with ballet at the theater with his family, Prince was determined to be a dancer just like the ones he saw on stage. On the first day of class, his teacher realized his natural talent for ballet, and every Saturday morning after Prince was in studio, he could be found practicing the French words and beautiful movements. It never bothered him being the only boy in ballet until his classmates at school started bullying him for having different interests than they did. Confiding in his mother and pet hamster Popcorn, Prince learns how to tune out the bullies while continuing to practice his passion. With the help of his ballet teacher Miss Adriana, and gym teacher Coach L, his breakout performance leaves a lasting and inspiring impression on the entire school.


With colorful illustrations by Ikshan Ditya and Sanders' love for ballet leaping off of every page, Everybody's Good at Something empowers young children to have confidence, even when they don’t feel like they fit in, and helps them feel encouraged, supported, and loved as they follow their dreams. Sanders is also a member of the BIPOC and LGBTQ community, and his story reaches to those children who often hope to see characters like themselves portrayed in the pages of a book.

I had a chance to learn more in this interview.

·    Why did you write this book?


There was a time in my childhood when I faced challenges with bullying  and finding the inner strength to do the things I loved. I was fortunate enough to have a strong support system that helped me learn and grow from this. Many children and even adults face similar challenges. I wanted to share my story with the hope of helping others that may be facing a similar situation. 


·    How were you able to turn your experiences into a book?


Telling the story came naturally as I often use my own experiences when giving advice or helping others. In recent years I have found society focusing more on the things that make us different rather than the things that connect us. Many of the themes and issues we struggle with as humans are social issues that are found across the globe. In sharing stories with others it helps them to realize they are not alone.  It was important for me to share my story in a way that would be engaging to a younger generation so they too could find their way to be extraordinary.  


·    You are a member of the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities - how does that affect your writing?


There are often people that feel different or unpopular. I had many unique differences growing up which have contributed to the person I have become.  Whether race, religion, oration, or any number of things that may make a person feel different,  I think it is important to inspire and encourage individuality at a young age. These are the attributes that will make them unique and special. 


·    Are there other groups of people for whom you think this book will resonate as well?


I believe this book spans a variety of people. The message of discovering your inner talent can be meaningful to all however I think this story will make its greatest impact on students. Bullying is real and the result of it being ignored or overlooked has led to many tragic outcomes. The more we discuss the subject and bring it to light,will allow society to make greater strides toward change -


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