Saturday, October 30, 2021

Book Nook: Frankie and Amelia

I recently had a chance to read a book that, although it's a companion book to another novel, worked well on its own also.

Frankie and Amelia is a companion book to Chester and Gus - the biggest connection being that the Chester in the book who helps Franklin is the same Chester. Both books also deal with neurodiversity and the bond between people and animals.

I enjoyed reading Frankie and Amelia so much that I actually looked for Chester and Gus too. Having two girls who don't quite fit in - and having a pet - this was a really heartwarming book that resonated with my kids and myself. My older daughter especially could see a lot of herself in the character of Amelia.

This can be a powerful book for anyone whose life is touched by someone who is neurodivergent - whether it's a family member or classmate - to help provide insights into what someone may experience. It's well-written, and although it's not an exciting or action-packed book, it's believable and relevant, something that readers can relate to.

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