Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Consumer Critique: Buddy Biscuits Trainers Training Bites Bacon Flavor

My dog loves that I get to review so many kinds of dog treats - and so does her puppy BFF (my parents' retriever). The latest one I got to review was a package of Buddy Biscuits Trainers Training Bites Bacon Flavor .

We've been working on a lot of different tricks with our highly food-motivated dog. She knows a lot of the standard tricks (although we call "play dead" "Avada Kedavra" instead, because my daughters like Harry Potter). We're working on weaving through legs, and balancing in a sit position with her paws up. It's also good to have treats on hand when we take her off-leash in the back yard for a much faster recall.

I love bacon, and apparently, so does my dog. She absolutely loved these, and happily did tricks for these treats. They are an excellent size for giving to her, because they aren't very big, so it doesn't affect her overall food intake too much to have these also. They're packaged in a resealable bag so they stay fresh in between treat sessions (as long as my daughters remember to seal the bag. They come in a cute package, and they are easy to give my dog without creating a mess or getting our hands too dirty. There are a lot in the bag, so you can be very generous and still not run out too quickly.

What do you look for in treats for your dog? This one sure fits the bill well for us.

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