Wednesday, November 17, 2021

World Wisdom: ANSHI

 ANSHI®, a line of fast-acting topical rubs with uses spanning health and beauty, has launched a variety of new holiday gift sets to make gifting easier this season. Available now, ANSHI’s nine holiday sets and two miniature sampler sets are ideal for gifts, stocking stuffers and more.


Each set comes gift wrapped and includes ANSHI’s complete line of popular multipurpose and versatile transdermal rubs for face and body, including Classic Pink Salt, Total Healing Turmeric, Detox Aloe and Nurturing Peppermint rubs. ANSHI’s sleek products are made with a base of completely all-natural, top 14 allergen-free ingredients including coconut oil, castor oil, pink Himalayan salt, vitamin E oil and beeswax. ANSHI’s limited-edition Soothing Lavender is also available in some sets, made from 100% pure lavender essential oil and ANSHI’s six-ingredient base. Each ANSHI product can be used as a topical rub, shower scrub, bath soak and can fight everything from pain and swelling to poor circulation.

ANSHI has created two accessory kits including hand-selected items to perfectly complement each holiday gift set. All total healing accessory kits are complete with tea lights, a custom hair towel, natural sea sponge, a washcloth, a Korean scrub towel, wooden spoon and therapy foot booties. Accessory kits include a natural sea sponge, washcloth, wooden spoon and therapy foot booties.


ANSHI products are available for purchase online at and at select retailers across San Diego. A store locator is available online here. To learn more about ANSHI, visit the website here.




About ANSHI®

ANSHI® makes self-care and self-treatment with natural products quicker, easier and safer. All-natural and with only six powerhouse ingredients, ANSHI’s patent-pending formulation includes a small ratio of pink Himalayan salt to maximize topical absorption. The line of multipurpose and versatile transdermal rubs for face and body includes Classic Pink Salt, Total Healing Turmeric, Detox Aloe and Nurturing Peppermint. A woman-founded and operated company, ANSHI was born at the hospital bedside to help naturally ease a wide array of symptoms from swelling and pain to skin irritations. ANSHI delivers fast-acting products that really work for a broad range of health and beauty uses. To learn more about ANSHI and to shop the line, visit the website at and follow @ANSHIHeals on Facebook and Instagram.

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