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Where to Find Cute Baby Boy Clothes


There are so many things to love about a new baby coming into the world. The excitement, the potential, that new baby smell AND there's the chance to shop for baby clothes! I'm pretty sure the first purchase of any new parents is baby clothing.

Babies need a lot of stuff, but the most fun thing to shop for has got to be the cute clothes! And they'll be needing them often since they grow so fast. It seems like finding cute girls' clothes is like shooting fish in a barrel. The search for baby boy clothes, on the other hand, can be a little trickier-but I'm here to help! There are getting to be way more options for your fashion forward cutie.

Cute Wardrobe Essentials for Baby Boys

Baby gowns, onesies and bodysuits, and cozy soft separates are all must-haves for babies. Here are the best brands to check out that have adorable baby staples for boys. 

The prints and colors range from artistic (think watercolor brush strokes)  to whimsical to modern and geometric. The color palette is more muted, with earth tones like spruce tree, rust, honey, sage, smokey cobalt, charcoal, crimson, scarlet, and greys. 

All of these featured baby brands are organic, making them adorable and eco-sustainable. 

Additionally, L’ovedbaby and Goumi Kids in particular have thoughtful details for easier dressing. You’ll appreciate the fold-over mitten and bootie cuffs, and bodysuits with kimono front (side snap) openings.

And the great thing about these brands (and cute baby boy clothing in general) is they are also gender neutral baby clothing brands. This means younger sisters and cousins can wear them too. 

Preppy Baby Boy Style 

There are so many cute options for special occasion outfits that are still comfy for baby boys.

My must-have preppy styles for that "little man" vibe

  • Jeggings. They’re way more comfortable than regular jeans. They’re soft and stretchy and don’t have buttons that can chafe or just feel rough. 

  • Oversized sweaters that give a “Big Lebowski” sort of vibe. 

  • Teeny bow ties - with or without suspenders. 

  • Cosy lined corduroys. 

  • Polo shirt onesies for boys who want to mini-me their daddy or big brothers. 

  • Sweater in Fair Isle or cable knit styles. Look for shoulder buttons or snaps. 

  • Gingham or ticking prints. 

Brands that carry these preppy for babies are H&M, Janie and Jack, or Ralph Lauren.   

Heirloom Quality with Rustic Vibes

Cottagecore (Little House on the Prairie meets Fairy Woodlands) is still having a moment. Natural, rustic looks that are vintage and timeless. These looks seem built for kids who want to mushroom-hunting in forests and twirling in wheat fields, before going home to a screen-free afternoon of playing with maple wood toys. And churning butter - for fun. 

Gentle joking aside, this aesthetic is quite beautiful and it’s popular on the West Coast and among style influencers on Instagram. 

Here are some imaginative and rustic baby boy brands

Colorful Baby Boy Clothes

While a lot of stylish baby boy clothes are in more minimalist cuts and muted colors, if you love bright colors, you do have some fun options.  

Bright primary and rainbow colors 

Colorful clothing with cheeky prints and an urban twist 

What to Look for Comfort and Quality-Wise 

You want to find high-comfort, high-quality clothes. This includes clothing that’s easy to put on and off. Some parents hate messing with snaps and buttons going down the front - especially at 2 am in the morning. (That was me with my first child. But with our second one, my mindset changed. I’m more than willing to spend the extra 30 to 45 seconds adjusting snaps and buttons each time because I know how fleeting babyhood is.)

You want clothing that fits snugly - for both safety and comfort. Here are some things to think about. 

  • Shop by your baby’s weight, not their age. Every brand has a size charge, make use of it. 

  • Front snaps and zippers are easier to take on and off than those in the back. 

  • One-piece rompers with snaps on just the legs and crotch are easier for diaper changes. But they are also more prone to rips and tears. It’s all that tugging in a concentrated area. 

  • Wide necks or stretchy necks pull over the head easily. Pull it over your baby’s ahead as quickly as possible, because your baby will panic when their breathing is impeded for a second and when they lose sight of you. 

  • Snaps and buttons on the shoulder can also make it easy to put on tops. 

  • Long sleeves can be harder to pull on or off unless they are stretch material. 

  • Cute embellishments can be a choking hazard. Avoid garments that have them stitched on. Think ribbons, bows, and buttons. 

  • Make sure to buy flame retardant pajamas

  • Overall fabric and garment quality. Do you want to iron your baby’s clothes? When you crumple the fabric into a ball and release it, how does it look? Run your hand underneath the fabric; is your hand visible? How transparent is the fabric? How lose 

  • Mitten and booties can prevent scratching. Separate mittens or booties can fall off. Garments with booties and mitts attached at the cuffs can be a good option.

Final Thoughts on Cute Baby Boy Clothes 


There are plenty of options available for cute baby boy clothes. You can find styles for every aesthetic and every budget. Just make sure to pick garments in the right size that fit safely and easily. And make sure you buy clothing that you’ll actually wear. It’s easy to go overboard buying baby clothes. Buy what you need and purchase thoughtfully: quality is better than quantity.  

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