Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Book Nook: The Very Angry Toolbox

 Mike Butler was inspired to write ‘The Very Angry Toolbox’ whilst carrying out some routine maintenance work in a large industrial store in 2007. He was working on the repair of overhead extractor fans, using a scissor lift to carry out servicing. The industrial store had limited light and Mike had to work with a headlight. After raising the lift to access the extract unit, Mike walked onto a shelving unit and heard a vibrating noise. As he looked down with his head light, he saw a dusty old toolbox shuffling towards him. He realised that he was standing on a large sheet of plywood which had tilted as he stepped on it, which had made the toolbox shuffle towards him and stop at his feet. 
The toolbox was covered in dust, but Mike noticed the shiny hinges which stood out like a pair of eyes. Mike dusted off the toolbox and began speaking to the toolbox. He placed it back on the shelf safely and moved on to work on the next extract unit. Mike returned to the store some weeks later to check the condition of the fan units. Whilst there, he decided to check on the toolbox, assuming it would be gone, but it was still on the shelf.

Leroy Boulder wants a toolbox just like his Dad. One day he visits the industrial mart and finds an angry toolbox sitting alone on a shelf. Leroy is intrigued by this toolbox and tries to find out why he is so angry. Leroy discovers that the angry toolbox longed to make friends, to be loved and be filled with his own tools so that he could help others.


About the author:

Mike J.B. (Butler) is a retired electrical engineer who began his career as an Electric Motor Repair Apprentice. In the 1980s he worked for HMS Dockyards and then started an Electrical Motor Repair Business in 1984. Mike ran his successful business for over 30 years. After retiring and selling his business, Mike J.B. has been focusing on other projects including writing, travelling, golfing, spending time with family and looking after his grandchildren. 

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