Monday, January 10, 2022

Consumer Critique: Good Banana


I recently had a chance to see several products from Good Banana. The products that they offer have whimsical, fun, kid-friendly designs. We got to see a donut weighted blanket and a hamburger lap desk.

My daughters both loved the weighted blanket - and so did I. It was a perfect weight for feeling extra cozy, but it wasn't too warm. It was super soft, so my texture-sensitive daughter absolutely loved it.

The lap desk was fun too. It's not too big for a younger kid to use, but it's big enough that it worked for my adult-sized daughter as well.

Their products seem to be great quality, and what's not to love about the bright designs they have to offer! Check them out for fun, useful, kid-friendly gifts.

You can find Good Banana products on their website or on the Good Banana Amazon Store .

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