Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Goals for 2022

 Now that most of us have had resolutions burn out, let’s look at a few unexpected things that you can still implement to have a positive effect on your overall health and wellbeing. 

Nora Tobin, executive coach to Fortune 100 companies, nutrition specialist and CEO of Nora’s Naturals Coffee, discusses wellness ideas to implement into our daily routine this new year! 

“If you are like me, I usually write a long list of resolutions that are either lost or ignored by February 1st. The pace picks up, and my personal intentions fall by the wayside. This can create additional anxiety or disappointment for falling short. It can be an uphill battle to stick to our goals/resolutions, because they’re typically results driven versus identity and process driven,” says Tobin. 

Here are Nora’s top 4 ideas for those looking to enhance performance, optimize energy, minimize burnout, and lower stress in 2022 (some may surprise you)

Resolution #1. Floss Twice Per Day 
WHY: The International Journal of Epidemiology conducted a study on 5,611 subjects and found those who did not floss increased their risk of mortality by 30% compared to those who flossed daily. The mouth contains a number of bacteria that link to the gut. When the toxic bacteria are not cleaned out daily, plaque and inflammation start to build. This type of inflammation is a precursor to chronic diseases. 

TRY: Floss as soon as you wake up and right before you go to sleep. 

Resolution #2. Enjoy Matcha Each Afternoon 
WHY: Matcha tea contains three times as many antioxidants as standard green tea, because of the way it is harvested. The process of shading the matcha plant increases the chlorophyll and amino acid content. Regularly drinking matcha can result in an increase in your body’s rate of thermogenesis (the rate at which you burn calories) from 8-10% (without matcha) to 35-43% (with it)! Also, the catechins in matcha can reduce the damage caused by free radicals, slowing down the aging process and reducing inflammation.  

TRY: Matcha Latte 

  • 2 Teaspoons Matcha Powder 
  • 1-Cup Coconut or Almond Milk
  • 2 Teaspoons Honey 
  • Mix together and serve hot

Enjoy this in the afternoon when you want to switch over from coffee. It’s an excellent way to keep energy up without disrupting sleep. This latte can be drunk as late as 5pm. 

Resolution #3.  Breathe Deeply for 5 Minutes Daily 
WHY: There is a change in brain chemistry when implementing breathing exercises and meditation. When implemented, there is specific growth in areas of the brain responsible for attention and processing sensory input. Furthermore, guided breathing has been linked to the altering of gene expression, greatly improving immune function and energy metabolism. Additionally, taking longer exhalations elicit the relaxation response offsetting the detrimental physiological effects caused by stress.  

TRY: Pick a specific time each day for your breathing routine, put it in your calendar as if you would an ongoing conference call or a meeting. Repeat daily at the same time as best you can. Keeping it consistent helps to ensure you will stick to it. You can simply sit and breathe to music or in silence- breathing in for 3 counts, out for 5. Inhale 3, exhale 5. There are great apps for additional meditations, such as Calm and Headspace. 

Resolution #4. Move for 20 Minutes Daily 
WHY: Individuals who start and keep up with a regular exercise program have been linked to have a 23% lower risk of chronic disease than those who started a program and eventually stopped. It is now known that regular exercise can help treat depression, and that low activity can be a major contributing factor to depression. Moderate daily exercise increases brain derived neurotrophic factor  (critical protein in neural network of the brain) and serotonin (fulfillment hormone), both essential for lowering anxiety and influencing mood. 

TRY: Perform 20 minutes of daily HIIT training, walk, bike, swim, yoga… any type of movement you enjoy. Just like the breathing routine, put 20 minutes of movement as an ongoing appointment in your calendar. 

Nora goes on to say that, “In order to obtain the desired outcome, it is incredibly helpful to identify the why behind it (identity) and the simplest steps to get there (process). By writing out in detail the reason behind the goal, we begin to align the ideal vision of ourselves with lasting behavioral change.”

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