Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Consumer Critique: Mary's Gone Crackers

 I recently had a chance to review some great snacks from Mary’s Gone Crackers. There's a lot to like about the crackers - they're vegan, organic, and plant-based, so they are appropriate for a lot of different dietary needs. I loved the consistency of the crackers - they're very crunchy, and since they're denser than some crackers, they are quite satisfying. 

The crackers are appropriate for a lot of different snacking needs - they make great additions to charcuterie boards as an appetizer, they work well straight out of the box as snacks, and they're a great canvas for tasty toppings (I love them with hummus, cheese, tahini, and more).

You can find Mary's at many different grocery stores nationwide, and they have a variety of flavors and styles, including jalapeño, basil & garlic, sea salt, and herb, to name just a few.

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