Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Mealtime Magic: Oshen Salmon

 Chile's premier Oshen Salmon recently won the Best healthy delivery service by Eat This, Not That! Food Awards for the 10 Best Healthy Meal-Prep Foods in 2022.

When life gets chaotic and busy, taking the time to make a healthy dinner can feel daunting. While picking up a frozen pizza or ordering takeout can be quick solutions, there are plenty of nutritious meal-prep products on grocery store shelves that make plating a dish way easier and faster.

Ideal for those health-conscious foodies, Oshēn delivers sustainably raised fresh and frozen Chilean salmon to consumers nationwide in eco-friendly packaging. Arriving seven days fresher than any retailer, and with a variety of dedicated recipes on the website, your loved one will feel like a pro serving up chef-worthy dishes. 

I had a chance to learn more in this interview.

  • Why was Oshen started?
    • Oshen, which falls under its parent umbrella salmon company BluGlacier, was started as an answer to the explosion of online shopping generated during the pandemic, and as an opportunity to offer the freshest salmon for consumers with much value because of the high quality of this product. Consumers also didn't want to go to the super markets during Covid as they didn't feel safe so this was a great alternative and turned out to be very successful. Oshen arrives at least one week faster than any salmon available at the grocery stores in the country.
  • What sets Oshen apart from other places consumers can get fish?
    • Because we receive the salmon fresh by air every day in Miami, we are able to dispatch the same day overnight to any house in the country, cutting all the regular distribution chain of the grocery stores.
  • What's your favorite way to serve salmon?
    • My favorite way to serve the salmon is grill on the BBQ with some light seasoning to enjoy the full flavor of the protein, ideally on a medium rare temperature .

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