Saturday, March 19, 2022

Book Nook: Franco and the Green Light Fairy

 Little Franco loved to play with his cars. He played with them every morning when he got out of bed, every day after school, and every night before sleep. All Franco dreamed of was owning his own car one day - a bright red Ferrari.

When Franco went for a drive with his family, he always helped to drive from his booster seat. But what Franco didn't like, and what made him really mad, was being stuck at red traffic lights! This made Franco's mum smile. "Think of the Green Light Fairy," she said, but this puzzled him.

He thought so hard about the Green Light Fairy that suddenly, out of nowhere, she magically appeared in his mind’s eye.

Fiona Lowry has come up with a wonderful bedtime storybook in ‘Franco and the Green Light Fairy’ with an obvious appeal for little boys. The book, colourfully and vibrantly illustrated by Johanna Bruyer, is a short story of positive thinking for young children, based on the Law of Attraction.

Says Fiona: “Children that have read my book so far are enthusiastic about the characters, and understand the concept and meaning of the story easily. Their parents have also informed me that their children have been secretly making their own wishes on the Green Light Fairy.”


Synopsis of ‘Franco and the Green Light Fairy’ by Fiona Lowry:

Meet Franco, a typical 6-year-old boy who loves everything about cars. Franco dreams of owning his own bright red Ferrari one day - but how to get one? That’s his dilemma.

It is not until he uncovers the mystery of the Green Light Fairy that he realises, with a bit of positive thinking, he really can make his dreams come true!

About the author:

Fiona Lowry is a qualified designer from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland. From a young age, she has always been creative in drawing, design and imaginative with short stories or poetry writing. Today, with two young children they provide her with endless inspiration with their enthusiasm for life.Fiona lives in Perthshire, Scotland.


‘Franco and the Green Light Fairy’ by Fiona Lowry, with illustrations by Johanna Bruyer, is published independently and available at Amazon in paperback and in Kindle See details at:

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