Saturday, March 19, 2022

Home Habits: Get Your Balcony (Or Patio) Summer Ready

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Embrace the longer days and warmer weather, and step back outside to give your outdoor space the ultimate spring and summer glow up. Transform your home into a relaxing haven with modern lights and stylish feature pieces that will keep your yard warm and inviting all season long.

Sleek black lanterns are a timeless addition to any home, adding the perfect golden glow to your space when dusk falls. Simple yet effective, these stylish additions will create a sense of elegance in your yard, and look just as stunning throughout the day as they do at night! For a modern and eco-friendly option, our solar powered trapeze lanterns radiate a warm white light automatically each evening to fill your space with a soft and calm ambience. Style your lanterns together, or place larger lanterns at floor level and dot smaller sizes on side tables and benches to create height and texture in your space.

Incorporating light at different levels creates an even glow around your yard, and ensures all your space is illuminated. String lights are the perfect choice for lighting overhead, and look great all year round! Create a canopy by zig-zagging string lights back & forth from trees, or adorn bushes and shrubbery with a sweet and playful shine. Hanging mobile lights are another great way to add light to your space as they recreate a cozy living room ambience with a modern outdoor twist.

Finally, create a soothing sanctuary feel by adding Moroccan inspired lanterns to transform your yard into a little piece of paradise. Watch as the intricate patterns are cast around your space creating a calm and comforting glow, transporting your mind to a relaxing vacation retreat.

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