Monday, April 4, 2022

6 Tips You Can Use to Build a Mental Health-Focused Workplace

In the modern age of zoom calls and virtual networking, it’s become more and more apparent that companies willing to invest in employee health are ahead of the curve. Doctors around the world recommend using telehealth measures to ensure that their patients get the treatment they need whether that’s mental or physical health. 

Pandemic restrictions have encouraged businesses to rely more heavily on the virtual space and health care was no different. The need was a prerequisite for a larger majority becoming more comfortable with seeking help through virtual means. 

Employee Mental Health Programs

Employee mental health programs have seen businesses invest upwards of 40% to help their employees in these uncertain times. With remote work here to say so are remote visits to the doctor or therapist. 

There are several benefits to virtual doctor’s visits that impact employee health. 

Virtual accessibility equalizes the socioeconomic barrier. People that cannot take a day off work, or do not have access to transportation will have a much easier time accessing a virtual appointment. Expertise and information can still be shared without the patient having to leave the comfort of their own home. 

Employees who feel taken care of and appreciated are more likely to tackle their role with creativity, efficiency and a desire to do a great job. Retention and loyalty are increased. Access to virtual care creates a happier and healthier environment for everyone. 

You can check out more information on just how virtual health care can impact your employees, how other businesses are handling it and why it’s so important in this reference Duffy & Duffy PPLC has put together. Or check out 6 great tips you can implement in your own business below. 

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